Far Out Van #2 – Build Journal

Far Out Van #2 – Build Journal


This is the Build Journal for FarOutVan #2, our second Ford Transit DIY van conversion.
We are currently working on it, we will update this page as we progress!


  • Ford Transit | AWD | Ecoboost
  • High-Roof | Extended-Length


  • 4 Seasons Full Time Travel
  • Adventure Van | Mountain Biking | Skiing

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How To’s
Second Thoughts
Tool List for DIY Van Conversion (Heading)

Tool List

First things first, here is a list of the tools we are using for our DIY van conversion and throughout this Build Journal. A down-to-earth list with the essential and not-so-essential tools that make our build easier and better.

Ford Transit Swivel Seat Installation (Driver and Passenger)

Swivel Seats (Driver & Passenger)

The swivel seats help optimizing space in our van. The Transit, Sprinter, andProMaster can be ordered with factory swivels (with some limitations), but installing an aftermarket adapter is often cheaper and it’s actually quite a simple task. Let’s get into it!

Roof Rack for Ford Transit, Sprinter Van, ProMaster, Flatline Van Co

Roof Rack (FVC Low Pro)

A roof rack is a great way of adding real estate to the roof of our van! It’s also a safe and easy way to attach accessories such as solar panels, storage box, awning, etc. And with the permanent ladder, clearing the solar panels from dirt/snow is much less hassle!

BFGoodrich KO2 tires

Larger All-Terrain Tire Upgrade

We’re not off road enthusiasts, but we’re not roadies either. We need tires that can handle highway, off-road, and snow as well. And we don’t mind the badass look too, because we’re such badass people. Whether you are converting a campervan or own a work van, this is something to consider.

Method MR703 Wheels - Ford Transit AWD - Not Installed

Aftermarket WHeel Upgrade

Our 2021 AWD Ford Transit is definitely getting the tried-and-true KO2 tires upgrade, but this time we’re also in the market for a wheel upgrade!

Lagun Mount Plate Ford Transit B-Pillar (Square-2)

Lagun Table for Passenger/Driver Seats

Here is a very easy and efficient way of installing a Lagun Table to the passenger/driver seats in a Ford Transit. It’s a bolt-on solution that takes about 30 minutes to implement, thanks to our custom B-Pillar aluminum mount plate and our Bamboo tabletop!

Ford Transit Nudge Bar Front Bumper (Front View)

Nudge Bar

A nudge bar offers some protection to the factory bumper against small impacts, allows to mount accessories on such as LED, and we think it looks pretty awesome on our van! Mad props to Flatline Van Co for coming up with a minimalist design that blends beautifully with the curves of the Transit, that’s easy to install and light-weight. Let’s go!

Sliding Door Stopper (Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster, roller track)

Sliding Door Stopper

This door stopper holds the sliding door partially opened for added privacy (it adds an intermediate stop at the position of our choice). It is strong enough to hold the sliding door on inclines. Compatible with Transit, Sprinter and ProMaster vans (all years). Made of 6061-T6 Aluminum.

Ford Transit Exit Handle Installation Kit (Included Parts)

Rear Door Additional Exit Handle

It’s a concern we had for years: with an elevated bed and garage underneath, access to the factory exit handle is lost and it’s not possible to open the rear doors (for emergencies, convenience, etc.). We took the matter in our own hands and made an exit handle that’s super easy to install and doesn’t require any screws! Very happy on how it turned out 🙂 We installed it on both our 2021 & 2016 Transit.

Motorized Antenna Tilt WeBoost Motion Blur

Motorized Antenna Tilt (weBoost Fold Up/Down)

Here is the solution we came up with to remotely fold up and down an antenna on the roof of our campervan. It allows us to tilt our WeBoost antenna up or down (90 degrees) by the press of a button inside our van, neat! This electric motorized system would also work with HAM radio antennas (or any Series-C coax cable antenna) and on pretty much any vehicle (Van, Jeep, Car, etc.). Let’s get to work!

Ford Transit Rear Door Platform Cargo-Carrier (Flatline Van Co) - Heading

Rear Door Platform (Cargo Carrier)

Offers additional cargo-carrying capacity for bikes, Rotopax Gas Can, skis/snowboards, etc. It is versatile, allows to be customized to our needs and it’s easy to swap or reconfigure accessories with season’s change. We especially look forward to having two extra bike mounts outside the van, it’s useful when shuttling with friends or to carry our bikes around when they’re dirty.

Ford Transit Rear Tire Carrier (Heading)

Tire Carrier

A tire carrier allows to store a larger tire than stock (which is problematic on the non-extended length Transit), provides easier access to the spare tire, and frees up space underneath the van (e.g. to add water tank instead).


Upfitter Auxiliary Switches

Wiring guide for the optional Auxiliary Upfitter Switches. Each Upfitter Switch can provide a 12V output to an auxiliary load, such as Air Lift Spring Kit Compressor, an exterior LED bar, etc.


Factory Floor Removal

Our Ford Transit came with the optional Front & Rear Vinyl Floor Covering (Option Code 16E), which includes a cargo mat, slider door scuff plate, rear door sill plate, and wheelhouse covers. The time has come to move on and remove them all!

Rear Door Bike Rack for Vans (Ford Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster) - Rear View Closed

Rear Door Bike Rack

The bikes will be stored inside the van, but our previous van lacked an exterior bike rack for shuttles, dirty bikes, and to take friends with us on a ride.

Pass-thru Hole Undercarriage Floor Ford Transit (Front Driver Side)-4

Pass-Through Holes and Access Holes

We are adding a few pass-through holes (AKA access holes) in the floor of our Ford Transit, in order to route electrical wiring, plumbing, vents, and so on. Here is a list of these holes, so that we can refer to them

Air Lift Air Bags, Compressor, Tank Installation on Ford Transit Heading

Air Lift Wireless Air Bags with Tank

An Air Lift kit reduces the sag, increase ground clearance and improves the ride. As a bonus, we can use it to level the van when camping (left/right and front/back), and to air up the tires of the van and bikes!

Vancillary Headliner Shelf Installation Ford Transit Van Heading

Headliner Shelf

The Ford Transit overhead console is not exactly optimal… so here is how you can unlock its full potential and create extra storage!

Gas-Diesel Heater DIY Installation Guide for Van (Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster)-1

Espar AS3-B2l Gas Heater

We chose the newest Espar AS3-B2L gasoline heater because of a few features we really like: automatic altitude adjustment up to 13,000 feet, easy to install (pre-wired kit), and the EasyStart Pro Controller has a built-in room temperature sensor.


Maxxfan Roof Vent

A roof fan helps regulate the temperature, control humidity, and maintain good air quality. Here is a straightforward guide on installing a Maxxfan in your van. Material, tools, and tips to get it right the first time!

To be continued…!

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