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Sliding Door Stopper for Vans (Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster)

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This door stop holds the slider door of your van partially opened for added privacy (it adds an intermediate stop at the position of your choice). It is strong enough to hold the sliding door on inclines. Compatible with Transit, Sprinter and ProMaster vans (all years). 

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To complete this DIY project, you will also need:

Mark the position of your door stopper

Open the sliding door at the desired position and leave it there (someone might have to hold it in place):

Sliding Door Stopper Location Behind Sliding Door (Ford Transit)

Mark the roller center on the aluminum track with a fine-point sharpie:

Sliding Door Stopper Installation (Mark center line roller)

Close the door (so it’s out of the way) and place the stopper centered with the sharpie mark and in the roller path:

Sliding Door Stopper Installation (Place door stopper in line)

Trace the contour of the door stopper with a fine-point sharpie (3 sides should be enough):

Sliding Door Stopper Installation (Mark 3 sides)

Surface Preparation

As always when working with any adhesive, surface preparation is key when bonding material together.

Use coarse sandpaper (100 grit or so) and gently scuff the surfaces to be bonded (both the aluminum track and the door stopper). Then, use acetone or Isopropyl alcool to clean the surfaces to be bonded (try to not remove the sharpie marks, or keep a sharpie handy to mark again):

Door stopper:

Sliding Door Stopper (Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster) Installation (Scuff the Door Stopper))

Roller track:

Sliding Door Stopper (Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster) Installation (Scuff and Clean Van Roller Track)

Bond the Door Stopper to the Aluminum Track

Squeeze a little JB Weld out of both tubes in equal portions (it doesn’t have to be perfect, but pretty close):

Sliding Door Stopper (Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster) Installation (Squeeze JB Weld Out)

Use a small stick (wood, metal, etc) to mix both parts together:

Sliding Door Stopper (Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster) Installation (Mix 2 Parts of JB Weld)

Apply a thin layer of JB Weld on the lower surface of the door stopper (use a lint-free cloth to clean around the edges, to minimize squeeze out at next step):

Sliding Door Stopper (Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster) Installation (Apply JB Weld on Door Stopper)

Place the door stopper on the roller track and apply pressure for a few seconds. Let the adhesive cure for 24 hours. Resist the temptation to test or operate the door while curing!

Sliding Door Stopper (Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster) Installation (place door stopper on track and apply pressure)

Clean the sharpie marks and test:

Sliding Door Stopper (Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster) Installation (final)

You just added an intermediate stop position to the sliding door 🙂

Sliding Door Stopper (Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster) Installation (Open door desired position)


This door stop is compatible with the following van models (all years):

  • Ford Transit
  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Ram ProMaster


  • Dimensions: 2.6in x 0.375in (65mm x 10mm).
  • Manufacturing: CNC Machining.
  • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum.
  • Included: Door Stop.


  • Ships From:  British Columbia, Canada.
  • Carrier: Canada Post / USPS.
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Warranty: If there is an issue with your door stopper (manufacturing defect), we’ll be happy to send you another one free of charge! 🙂

Returns: If you ordered by mistake or changed your mind, we can make a refund providing the product is not damaged (no scratches, no cosmetic wear). You are responsible of shipping the product back to us (including the shipping fees associated with it).


We want to give credits to Traipsing About, he’s the one who came up with this idea back in 2014! There are a few people offering this product to this day, ours is very similar except it doesn’t have a logo on it and doesn’t come as a kit, hence the lower price tag. We could have just purchased one, but we thought it would be fun to make our own 🙂

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  1. I haven’t installed it yet

  2. Works as advertised. Arrived promptly.

  3. Not installed yet. smaller than I was expecting.

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  4. Received in good order. Will install it once the slider door rail has been powder coated black (to match all the other trim)

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Door Stop for Sliding Door (Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster Vans)
Sliding Door Stopper for Vans (Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster)