Camco Bamboo Table (Adjustable & Folding Legs) – Review

Camco Bamboo Table (Adjustable & Folding Legs) – Review

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The Camco bamboo table plays an essential role in our Ford Transit camper van conversion; we use it several times per day. It’s modular, functional and durable. After years of full time Van Life with it, it’s time for a review… Keep reading to learn more!

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What we like about our Camco bamboo table (See on Amazon) is its simplicity; there’s no fancy mechanism or such. The features are: bamboo tabletop, folding legs, telescoping legs, leveling foot pads and carrying handle.

Bamboo TableTop

The tabletop is made out of bamboo. It’s attractive (in our opinion!), durable, yet light weight type of “wood” (bamboo is actually a grass with wood characteristics!):

Camco Bamboo Table for Camper Van Life RV (bamboo tabletop))

Folding Legs

The legs of the Camco bamboo table are made out of aluminum. They fold on themselves, so that the table can be stored neatly (or can be used in weird places!):

Camco Bamboo Table for Camper Van Life RV (folding legs)

Telescoping Legs

The legs are telescoping and have two positions. At the lowest position (short legs), the tabletop is about 18″ from the ground. At the highest position (long legs), the tabletop is about 26″ from the ground.

Camco Bamboo Table for Camper Van Life RV (telescoping legs)

Leveling Foot Pads

The foot pads are leveling (to prevent rattling), but we honestly don’t really use that feature. Be aware that the foot pads might get loose and fall off while driving; to prevent that, we recommend screwing them all the way in.

Camco Bamboo Table for Camper Van Life RV (leveling foot pads)

Carrying Handle

Camco Bamboo Table for Camper Van Life RV (carrying handle)


The tabletop is 31.45″ long x 23.6″ wide. The height of the table can be adjusted to ~18″ or ~26″:

Dining mode.

The Camco bamboo table occupies that space in storage mode: 31.45″ long x 23.6″ wide x 1.75″ deep:

Storage mode.

How we use it

Inside Dining

Camco Bamboo Table for Camper Van Life RV (ford transit van)

Outside Dining

Camco Bamboo Folding Table Desert
Vanlife Table for two

Work Hard

Work remotely van life

Play Hard


During our van build, there was a lot of “what are the odds??!!” moments, and finding out that the table fitted PERFECTLY between the couch and the fridge was definitely one of these moments!


Long Term Review

We’ve been using the Camco bamboo table FULL TIME since 2017, and it still looks and operates like new. It’s a simple and reliable piece of gear and we expect it to last for a loooooong time!


We REALLY love that we can use our table inside AND outside; we take advantage of that very often. If this table fits your needs and your layout, we highly recommend it! We would definitely buy it again if we had to start over.

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4 thoughts on “Camco Bamboo Table (Adjustable & Folding Legs) – Review”

  1. Yes, those little feet like to come off and wander around the van. I finally gave the threads on the end of the screw an ever-so-light crimp with a vice-grip, problem solved.

      • So we have one of these, obviously, and keep it in the same place as you. I was wondering if you have some sort of small retainer that keeps it in place when you make hard left turns. Ours has, let’s say, went for a walk a few times. And then fell over, making mainly just noise.

        I was thinking small board between the toilet and the counter maybe, a few cm high?

        Or should I just drive slower…

        • The table is “squeezed” between the toilet (couch) and the cabinet, but it does sometimes goes out. But it hasn’t annoyed us enough to come up with a fix…
          I guess you could add any simple retaining device (hook, etc).



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