3D Model of our Ford Transit DIY Campervans

3D Model of our Ford Transit DIY Campervans

Ford Transit Virtual Butter 3D Model

A 3D model is a great way to optimize and validate the interior layout of a campervan conversion. It helped to share and explain ideas between the two of us, and often triggered productive and interesting discussions that pushed the design forward. At last, it simplified the build process and enabled to build only once (first time right!).

1. Ford Transit Conversion 2016

Our First Van Conversion

Faroutride Kitchen 3
  • T-250 Cargo Van
  • 3.7L Ti-VCT V6 Engine
  • RWD
  • 148″ Wheelbase, Extended Length (EL)
  • High Roof

Our first labor of love, this Ford Transit camper van conversion took us throughout Canada, USA and Mexico. 4 years of full time Van Life adventures, unreal!

Note that we didn’t use the Ford Transit 3D scan; this is a simplified model.


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2. Ford Transit Conversion 2022

Our Next Chapter

  • T-350 Cargo Van
  • 3.5L EcoBoost (twin-turbocharged) Engine
  • AWD
  • 148″ Wheelbase, Extended Length (EL)
  • High Roof
  • Extended-Range Fuel Tank (31 gal)

This time we’ll be using an actual 3D scan of the Ford Transit. This will help us create customized parts (e.g. attachement brackets) and push the design even further.


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3. 3D CAD Resources

3.1. 3D Scan

A 3D scan is a powerful tool for professional builders, upfitters and accessory making businesses working with advanced CAD software. It is not intended for the DIY enthusiast due to the cost and complexity. It is a very accurate (0.005in) representation of the actual thing and can be used, for example, to precisely locate hole patterns and structure elements in the van that can be “transferred” to accessories (e.g. cabinet) for mounting.

3.2. 3D CAD Software

There is a steep learning curve of learning 3D design, but it can be fun and useful (especially with 3D printing getting more and more accessible, it’s now possible to print functional part for real world usage). Here is a short list of affordable 3D CAD design softwares for hobbyist:

  • Sketchup: Free and relatively easy to learn. Large library of models shared by the community.
  • Autodesk Fusion 360: A bit more advanced, but still accessible. It’s getting quite popular with the 3D printing community, because of the free licence for hobbyist (that might change in the future though). Lot’s of tutorials on YouTube.

3.3. 3D Models Libraries

Thanks to the growing community of 3D designers, it’s possible to re-use existing models and save some time. Here is a quick list of 3D models libraries:

  • 3D Warehouse: Sketchup’s library (only compatible with Sketchup). Probably the most extensive and useful for anything van related.
  • GrabCad: Very extensive library of 3D models of various formats (solidworks, Fusion 360, Catia, .stl, .iges, etc.).

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