Ram ProMaster 3D Model (3D Scan)

Ram ProMaster 3D Model (3D Scan)


The Ram ProMaster 3D model is a powerful tool for professional builders, upfitters and accessory making businesses working with CAD software. The Ram ProMaster 3D scan is a very accurate representation of the actual thing and can be used, for example, to precisely locate hole patterns and structure elements in the van that can be “transferred” to accessories (e.g. cabinet) for mounting.

While photogrammetry allows enthusiasts to create smaller simpler 3D scans with low accuracy, advanced 3D scanners are required to produce a very accurate 3D scan at such a large scale. That’s why we reached out to Rapid3d.ca: they specialize in the use and application of advanced 3D scanning technology (they are a distributor of the Creaform scanners) and offer scanning services. It’s not their first rodeo.

Rapid3D Ford Transit 3D Scan
Rapid3D.ca crew doing their things on a Transit van!

Ram ProMaster 3D Model (3D Scan)



What to expect from the files:

These files are not for the average DIY builder. They are intended for commercial use by professional builders, upfitters and accessory making businesses. You will need a powerful computer, with powerful CAD software and knowledgeable staff as working with 3D scans is much more complex than working with “normal” 3D parts or assemblies. We’re playing in the reverse engineering field, where advanced meshing and surface reconstruction techniques are the name of the game. If you don’t already have experience with that, we don’t recommend downloading the Ram ProMaster 3D model.


0.005 inch

File Type



Point Cloud






Where to download:

Ram ProMaster 3D Model
Available model:
(more may be added in the future)

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