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Things got pretty crazy...

We're overwhelmed by the help requests we get all over the place (website, Facebook, Instagram, email, etc.), to the point that we cannot possibly answer everyone anymore. 🙁

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We'll be happy to provide clarification related to the content found on, but please do not contact us for consultation as we do not offer that service.
What is considered consultation:

To contact us:

The best way to reach us is by leaving a comment in the appropriate section of our build journal. We like to keep things organized!

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If for some reason that doesn't work, you can use this form.

Please be concise and enter each question in a numbered list:
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Heads up! As of Fall 2021, we are currently visiting our families back home and we might not be able to answer all comments due to time constrain. Thanks for understanding and see you on the road! -Isabelle and Antoine

Please do not send question/help to our Facebook or Instagram, as we're having issues with the messaging app. We most likely won't see your message there!

Thank you for your comprehension!