Ford Transit Maintenance and Repair Cost

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Ford Transit Maintenance and Repair Cost

Maintenance and repair cost is one of the reason why we chose the Ford Transit over the Mercedes Sprinter or the Dodge ProMaster. Don’t get us wrong: all brands have their own issues and problems. But when it’s time to visit the dealer, we’d rather visit a Ford dealer than a Mercedes dealer…

NOTE: To abbreviate the list below, oil changes and tires are omitted (as this maintenance is scheduled and can be easily predicted).

And remember: the information below is “anecdotal”: it’s data based on our personal experience only.

Our Van

Ford Transit 2016

T-250 (3500LBS payload capacity)

3.7L Gasoline Engine

148″ Wheel Base. Extended Length, High Roof. (Body Code R3X)

LSD (Limited Slip Differential)

Purchased NEW, June 2016

Log Book


22,500 miles
December 2017
$ 0

Temporary fix. This was performed under warranty. It’s well known and documented issue, but no worries: newer Ford Transits (since mid-2017 ish) come with the updated giubo and it’s not an issue anymore. This is per Safety Recall 17S15.


29,000 miles
March 2018
$ 0

Something broke and a new handle was installed under warranty. We checked online and it seems to be something that happens sometimes on the Ford Transit…


32,000 miles
June 2018
$ 0

This was supposed to be a permanent fix, but turns out there is a new Safety Recall 19S38.


37,500 miles
September 2018
$ 0

We had our tires rotated at a Ford dealer and we received the van with a broken spare tire carrier… We think the tech installed the wheel upside down, as this is known to break the ratchet mechanism (yep…). Replacing the mechanism is a 350$ job, but they agreed to do it free of charge. The correct way to install the spare tire into the carrier is described in the Ford Transit owner’s manual:


42,500 miles
November 2018
$ 0

It’s a well known fact that the Ford Transit go through rear brakes real fast, unfortunately. Changing pads is pretty straightforward, but axles have to be removed to change the rotors (!) hence the STEEP price tag for this job. In our case, last time we had an oil change, the dealer told us our brakes were fine (when they were clearly NOT). That’s the same dealer that messed with our Spare Tire Carrier… so anyway, as a result we worn our rotors and needed new ones.

Loose Tie-Rod (Front-Passenger)

56,000 miles
September 2019
$ 0

We could hear some noise coming from the front when turning at low speed on bumpy road. Fixed. Alignment must be performed after tie rod replacement (included in price shown above).

Sliding Door Adjustment

56,000 miles
September 2019
$ 0

We noticed the sliding door got harder to operate and made rubbing noise. All it needed was an adjustment (no parts replaced).


56,000 miles
September 2019
$ 0

The pads were 4mm thick (minimum recommended thickness is 3mm). The pads are supposedly warrantied for life (free pads, must pay for workmanship).


65,000 miles
March 2020
$ 0

Temporary fix. 2015-2017 vans with flexible coupler will eventually receive a u-joint, until then the flexible coupler is to be changed every 40,000 miles. This is per Safety Recall 19S38.


$ 0
68,500 miles
July 2020

Here we go again! The rear brake pads were to be changed, and unfortunately the rotor were too thin to be re-surfaced so we had to install new ones.


$ 0 USD

This is our Ford Transit total maintenance and repair cost SINCE JUNE 2016 (excluding oil changes and tires).


( fingers crossed 😛 )


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9 thoughts on “Ford Transit Maintenance and Repair Cost”

  1. Hey Isabelle and Antoine!

    You’ve been extremely helpful with the content you create! Bonus, the page looks awesome!
    Currently, with my partner, we are converting a VW crafter van and hopefully in two months we’ll hit the road! 🙂
    What is really mysterious and bugging us is the vehicle registration, how can we travel for more than a year since it expires in one year?

    Thanks and all best!!!

    • Wondering how conversion effects the manufacturers warranty? Pretty sure I want to buy a new van but it dawned on me the warranty might void as soon as I start converting, cutting, wiring etc.

  2. Hi guys,
    We are in a research phase of a possible van purchase and your site is a valuable resource.
    I have seen no mention on your site of vehicle insurance, what type of insurance do you carry and how much does it cost ?
    Cheers, Ed

  3. Back luck there on the rear brakes.

    What does Ford ask for the front rotors? I really don’t know why they charge 700$$ because they have to pull the axles, it is really trivial, very much a home job. You might have to recheck your differential level afterwards, (which is prob’ly more labor, if they did that), but most of the videos show very little gear oil lost, esp. if the side you changing is elevated. I think about haf of the job is pulling the calibers, the same as the front brake.

  4. Thanks for sharing. We selected Ford for the same reasons. Our previous camper van was a 2000 VW Eurovan and that really taught us the importance of easy access to parts and dealerships. We have a 2017 with 35, 000 miles and have not spent anything on it other than oil changes and the mandated services. Thanks again for your recommendation on ROLEF’s mosquito screen for our rear doors.


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