Ford Transit Maintenance and Repair Cost logbook

Ford Transit Maintenance and Repair Cost logbook

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Maintenance and repair cost is one of the reasons why we chose the Ford Transit over the Sprinter van or the Ram ProMaster. Don’t get us wrong: all brands have their own issues and problems, Ford included. But when it’s time to visit the dealer for planned or unplanned maintenance or repair, we’d rather visit a Ford dealer than a Mercedes dealer as the parts and labor are much cheaper (and parts availability is much faster as well). Also, Ford dealers are all over the place and they know the Transit very well. We’ve been logging our entire maintenance and repair cost below, hope that helps!

NOTE: To abbreviate the list below, oil changes and tires are omitted (as this maintenance is scheduled and can be easily predicted).


Ford Transit 2016

Our First Van Conversion

Faroutride Kitchen 3
  • T-250 Cargo Van
  • 3.7L Ti-VCT V6 Engine
  • RWD
  • 148″ Wheelbase, Extended Length (EL)
  • High Roof

Our first labor of love, this Ford Transit camper van conversion took us throughout Canada, USA and Mexico. 4 years of full time Van Life adventures, unreal!

($ US)
22,500December 2017New transmission flexible coupler (temporary fix). Performed under warranty. It’s well known and documented issue, but no worries: newer Ford Transits (since mid-2017 ish) come with the updated giubo and it’s not an issue anymore. This is per Safety Recall 17S15.0
29,000March 2018New interior handle for sliding door. Something broke and a new handle was installed under warranty. We checked online and it seems to be something that happens sometimes on the Ford Transit…0
32,000June 2018New transmission flexible coupler (temporary fix). This was supposed to be a permanent fix, but turns out there is a new Safety Recall 19S38.0
37,500Sept 2018Spare tire carrier replacement. We had our tires rotated at a Ford dealer and we received the van with a broken spare tire carrier… We think the tech installed the wheel upside down, as this is known to break the ratchet mechanism (yep…). Replacing the mechanism is a 350$ job, but they agreed to do it free of charge. The correct way to install the spare tire into the carrier is described in the Ford Transit owner’s manual.0
42,500November 2018New brake pads and rotors (rear only). It’s a well known fact that the Ford Transit go through rear brakes real fast, unfortunately. Changing pads is pretty straightforward, but axles have to be removed to change the rotors (!) hence the STEEP price tag for this job. In our case, last time we had an oil change, the dealer told us our brakes were fine (when they were clearly NOT). That’s the same dealer that messed with our Spare Tire Carrier… so anyway, as a result we worn our rotors and needed new ones.750
56,000Sept 2019Loose tie-rod (front-passenger). We could hear some noise coming from the front when turning at low speed on bumpy road. Fixed. Alignment must be performed after tie rod replacement (included in price shown above).330
56,000Sept 2019 Sliding door adjustment. We noticed the sliding door got harder to operate and made rubbing noise. All it needed was an adjustment (no parts replaced).40
56,000Sept 2019New brake pads (front only). The pads were 4mm thick (minimum recommended thickness is 3mm). The pads are supposedly warrantied for life (free pads, must pay for workmanship).230
65,000March 2020New transmission flexible coupler (temporary fix). 2015-2017 vans with flexible coupler will eventually receive a u-joint, until then the flexible coupler is to be changed every 40,000 miles. This is per Safety Recall 19S38.0
68,500July 2020New brake pads and rotors (rear only). Here we go again! The rear brake pads were to be changed, and unfortunately the rotor were too thin to be re-surfaced so we had to install new ones.665
80,000May 2021Differential fluid and rear brakes service. Diff fluid was discolored. Probably not urgent, but still we did it by prevention. Rear brakes needed to be cleaned.385
95,000December 2021New u-joint replacing the flexible coupler (permanent fix!). We’re finally done with this! This is the permanent fix for the flexible coupler (giubo) cracking.0
95,860July 2022Brake pads and rotors (rear only). 651

Ford Transit 2021

Our next chapter

  • T-350 Cargo Van
  • 3.5L EcoBoost (twin-turbocharged) Engine
  • AWD
  • 148″ Wheelbase, Extended Length (EL)
  • High Roof

Life is about project, so here’s an awesome new project to keep us busy for a while! We should start the conversion early January 2022. This is a brand new van that we acquired in November 2021, we will update the maintenance/repair cost as we go!

($ US)
2,500September 2022A/C compressor replacement (warrantied)0

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Hello! We’re Isabelle and Antoine 🙂 In 2017, we sold our house (and everything in it), quit our engineering careers, and moved into our self-built campervan. Every day is an opportunity for a new adventure... We’re chasing our dreams, and hopefully it inspires others to do the same!

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  1. I heard the T-350 requires being registered as a commercial vehicle. Is there any reason to get a 250 vs. 350 regarding registration and insurance?

  2. Just did my first set of rear pads/rotors at 62k miles. $650 US. Same story from several mechanics – pads have lots of life left and then it’s metal on metal.

  3. I’ve got a 2020 Transit and I recommend strongly: check the two little drains in the pocket where the windshield wipers rest. I they clog, water can pour into the airfilter; and after lots of desert travel, blow the dust from the air filter itself.

  4. Wow, thank you so much for all the info! I laughed when you mentioned quitting engineering jobs, that explains the amazing detail. So much info , so appreciated!!

  5. Hey Isabelle and Antoine!

    You’ve been extremely helpful with the content you create! Bonus, the page looks awesome!
    Currently, with my partner, we are converting a VW crafter van and hopefully in two months we’ll hit the road! 🙂
    What is really mysterious and bugging us is the vehicle registration, how can we travel for more than a year since it expires in one year?

    Thanks and all best!!!

    • Wondering how conversion effects the manufacturers warranty? Pretty sure I want to buy a new van but it dawned on me the warranty might void as soon as I start converting, cutting, wiring etc.


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