we've been testing and abusing our conversion & vanlife gear full-time since 2017. We're not playing the influencer game and we're not sponsored, so our reviews are unbiased. These are products we chose for ourselves. Hope that helps!

(These are products we actually tried. We also have a WANT list in Product Hunt Page)

How To Start Your Website (And Make Money)

Creating your own website is a great way to keep your brain busy on the road, connect with other people and even make money remotely! We’re no Internet gurus or experts, but if we made it happen with, so can you! Here is everything to get started.

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Simarine Pico Battery Monitor: Installation, Setup and Review for Van/RV/Boat

The Simarine Pico can monitor multiple battery banks, current of multiple consumers, tanks, temperatures, inclinometer and barometer. It’s an cutting edge product with an impressive smartphone-like, high-quality feel. It’s definitely a sweeeeeet upgrade for your van conversion. Here is everything to know about the Simarine Pico System Monitor!​

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SensorPush Review: Monitor Your Van (or RV) Temperature and Humidity Remotely

SensorPush wireless bluetooth sensors allow to remotely monitor the temperature and humidity of multiple zones of your van/rv via your iPhone or Android SmartPhone. Pair the SensorPush sensors with the optional WiFi Gateway to unleash their full potential and access them from anywhere in the world, away from your van/rv! That’s a powerful solution to keep your pet safe, monitor your refrigerator temperature or to be alerted if the interior of your van/rv is about to freeze.

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Assurance médicale voyage
Assurance voyage médicale

Parlons d’assurance voyage médicale! Québécois et Canadiens voyageant à l’étranger, ça vous concerne: durée maximale du voyage, exceptions, sports dangereux, paperasse, etc.

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Assurance médicale voyage
Travel Medical Insurance

We learned the hard way that accidents happen, like it or not. Travel medical insurance needs to be discussed; Canadians traveling abroad, read this first!

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Ford Transit WeatherTech Mud Flaps – Review

Mud Flaps protect the fenders and exterior of the van from rocks, mud, road grime and other debris. We went on a mission to find the best mud flaps for our Ford Transit and we finally got the WeatherTech Mud Flaps for front (#11051) and rear (#120051).

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Husky Floor Mat – Review

This is a are real-world, unbiased reviews of the Husky Floor Mat for Ford Transit. We’re not sponsored by Husky and we paid the product in full.

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13 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. you are a great resource. I am working on my 2019 Sprinter
    van for travel and full time living. For electricity i have been eyeballing the Yeti Goal zero 1400, and i have 2 auxiliary batteries.
    thank you again for your info.
    safe travels

  2. I just linked to your site from another van build site and what an incredible resource you have created!

    I am building a 2010 GMC Savana raised roof van and will take advantage of many of your reviews and advice. Also, I am looking forward to spending some time going through your stories and photos with great interest and enthusiasm.

    Thank you!


  3. Hi. Great site and info! Working on a 2016 Transit Dually. Looking to putting on larger tires, but different specs from what you did. Our stock tires are 195/75/16s. Wondering if you have any info on how large we can go with dual rear wheels. Thanks Bill

  4. Hi Folks,

    Awesome story, thank you for sharing and putting so much thought into this resource.

    I was sort of expecting a review of the Ford van itself among the product reviews, but there isn’t. Will you at some point?

    Happy trails,

    • It’s been on our To-Do list for a while now 😉
      We will at some point, but we can’t commit on a date… meanwhile, there are a bunch of reviews on Google.

      Thanks for reaching out!
      Isabelle and Antoine

  5. Where did you get your screens? We have 2011 Sprinter van 24 ft. Love the idea you have been living in your van.

  6. Hey first does your company only provide one type of look for the van or are their different ways you can make the van with different materials. And also do you guys use the newest vehicle such as the 2018 version of the ford transit

    • Hi, this is not a van conversion company; we just documented our own build to help others follow our path (DIY). See our build journal here:

      Have a good one!

  7. I see nothing but bad reviews for propane stoves and stove/oven combos. How has your stove/oven been treating you? Do you use your oven often? Any recommendations on stoves?

    • Hey Andrew,
      actually we have nothing negative to say about our range! It does exactly what its suppose to… The control knobs are precise, the oven works great, it starts at each try, it boils fast but simmers really gently. We really enjoy cooking with it and we would highly recommend it. We have the 17″ Wedgewood Vision with Piezo ignition: The only bad reviews on the Amazon page are about the shipping!

      edit: we use the oven everyday to either bake, toast bread or heat leftovers.

      Hope that helps!

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