Porlex JP-30 Hand Coffee Grinder – Review

Porlex JP-30 Hand Coffee Grinder – Review


The Porlex JP-30 Hand Coffee Grinder is the perfect complement to our ROK Presso Manual Espresso Maker: it does not require electrical power, it’s nicely designed, it’s simple and it just works! Grinding coffee immediately prior to the extraction is critical to a full-flavored, full-aromatic espresso; no high-end fancy espresso machine can compensate for the lack of freshness of the grind. Since we got the Porlex, doing it with our own hand has enhanced the morning coffee ritual.


What we Like

  • No electricity needed
  • Sturdy stainless steel body and ceramic conical burr
  • Removable handle for better storage
  • Easily adjustable from fine powder to coarse grind


What we Don’t Like …

Nothing to see here!



Models & Where to Buy

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Porlex JP-30 Amazon
Porlex JP-30 “Tall”. Buy on Amazon.
Porlex Mini Amazon
There is also a smaller version, the Porlex “Mini”. Buy on Amazon.





Take off the lid and add the beans. Replace the lid and place the handle on the shaft.


Inside the Porlex JP-30


Grinding adjustment for coarse or fine is done by turning the adjusting wheel clockwise for a fine grade and counterclockwise for a coarse grade (no need to adjust it every time).



Grounded Coffee
For fine to coarse grind


Fine enough? The Porlex is as fine as our Krups electrical grinder


Turn the handle clockwise to ground coffee. Depending on the grind adjustment (and on your shape!), it takes anywhere from 1.5 (coarse) to 3 minutes (fine) to get enough grounded coffee to prepare an espresso (about 16 grams).



The grounded coffee is stored in the lower half of the body.



Here is the complete procedure on video:



Voilà! Ready to pull a shot!




We’ve been using the Porlex JP-30 Grinder since February 2017, it’s still too soon to tell. But with its simplicity and sturdiness, we’re confident it will withstand the test of time. We will keep you updated! Subscribe to our Mailing List to be notified.



We did our homework and ended up buying the Porlex JP-30. Another great option is the Hario Coffee Mill Skerton. It is suppose to perform as well as the Porlex, but we liked the stainless steel design of the Porlex better…

Hario Coffee Mill Skerton
Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill. Buy from Amazon.



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