Seat Covers for Ford Transit (OEM): Tried and Reviewed

Seat Covers for Ford Transit (OEM): Tried and Reviewed

Seat Covers Ford Transit OEM Covercraft Review (driver)
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Two years living full time in our Ford Transit. Two years of driving, eating, working, chilling on the front seats (thanks to the swivels we installed). Needless to say, the front seats started to look like they've been through a lot... Surprisingly, a deep-clean restored them to what they used to look, neat! That being said, investing in OEM Ford Transit seat covers might be a good idea? Keep reading this review to find out!

1- Jumping to Conclusion


These Ford seat covers do what they're suppose to: protecting the seats. They're very easy to install / remove, so no excuses not to wash them frequently! However, we were a bit turned off by their look: they do look a bit loose & sloppy. So we won't leave them permanently installed, but we are certainly going to use them during mountain biking mud seasons (Spring & Fall).

What We Like

What We don't like

2- Where to Buy the Ford Transit Seat Covers


Ford Transit Seat Covers

OEM Genuine Ford Parts

3- Installing the Ford Transit Seat Covers

1- Remove the headrest by pulling UP:

2- Place the seat cover on the seat:

3- Route these three straps through the space between the "buttrest" and backrest:

4- Secure the strap, but don't tighten them too much at this point:

5- Fit the cover all around the buttrest. These puff thingy help the cover stay in place; it's hard to get in but you'll figure it out:

6- You can now tighten the three straps. It should look more or less like this:

7- Install the headrest cover:

8- Install the armrest cover:

Boom, DONE!

- That's it folks, hope that helps! -


Ford Transit Seat Covers

OEM Genuine Ford Parts


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