Sirocco II Elite Fan Review: Gimbal-Mounted (360° Airflow) Wall Fan for Vanlife


Sirocco II Elite Fan Review: Gimbal-Mounted (360° Airflow) Wall Fan for Vanlife

Sirocco II Elite Fan Review: Gimbal-Mounted (360° Airflow) Wall Fan for Vanlife

The Sirocco 3-axis wall fan is the perfect addition to our campervan; it's one of those things we installed "just-in-case" but it turned out we use it A LOT! We love the 360 degrees directional air flow: it allows us to use the fan anywhere in the van (in the bedroom at night or in the living-room during the day). It's marine-grade so it's a high-quality product and it's built to last. Let's have a closer look!

Sirocco 3 axis 360 degrees timelapse (500px)
3-axis, 360° air flow action!

1- Jumping to Conclusion


What We Like

  • It's mounted on a 3-axis gimbal, so the airflow can be directed in ANY direction! Neat!
  • There is a timer so the fan turns off automatically after 3/6/9/12 hours. That's useful when we want to fall asleep with the fan running but we don't want it to run all night long.
  • It can be folded against the wall when we're not using it.
  • It works on 12V (and 24V as well) and draws not much current: 0.17A on low, 0.30A on medium, 0.49A on high, .86A on ludicrous-mode (or whatever it's called).
  • It has a high-quality feel and we're confident it will pass the test of time.
  • It's made in Canada, just like us! (and has 4 years warranty)

What We don't like

  • There is a small LED light to indicate that the timer is activated; we found that to be annoying (we like when it's pitch-black when going to bed), so we placed a small piece of electrical tape over the LED. Problem solved 🙂
We installed the fan between the bedroom and the kitchen, so the airflow can be directed pretty much anywhere in the van.

2- Models and Where to Buy

Sirocco II Elite

  • Brushless motor (20,000 hours motor life and ultra-quiet)
  • 4 years warranty
  • 4 speeds

Sirocco II Elite Black

Elite model not available on Amazon for now 🙁

Sirocco II Elite White

Elite model not available on Amazon for now 🙁

Sirocco II

  • It's the same casing and mount as the Elite
  • 2 years warranty
  • 3 speeds

Sirocco II Black

Sirocco II White

3- How to Install


The fan is connected to the 12V battery via a fuse box. We won’t get into details here, but you might want to check our Electrical System Guide and our Wiring Diagram ( for more information.

Wiring Diagram

Wall Mount

1- Install the mounting plate using six screws and drill a hole in the wall to route the electrical wire:

2- Install the fan onto the mounting plate and secure using the two bolts:


4- Reliability

It’s a high-quality product (hence the high price tag) and has 4 years warranty (Elite model)… We’re confident it will pass the test of time!

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5- Resources


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  1. When sleeping do you feel you have cool fresh outside air circulating around you using your Sirocco fan? I had a van once and slept close to an open side window with the ceiling fan drawing air in through the window and over me. It was great! You have no open window near your bed, correct? So I wonder how you get fresh air? Also do you often open your sliding door flip-open window? I’m trying to decide whether to order the stock ford sliding door fixed-window (or get a custom window with an opening) AND whether to install a side window near the bed for night air. Thank you so much for sharing your information. Lauren

  2. Many years ago there was a very good site that reviewed electronic gadgets. Originally it was just two women reviewing the stuff they had. It seemed quite honest and had a large following. Whenever I was looking for something, I”d go to that site to see if it had been reviewed by Julie. As they got better known, manufacturers would send them stuff to review but they stayed brutally honest. They added new reviewers that were also quite objective. At some point they started to do sponsored articles. It became difficult to distinguish the “real reviews from the fake ones. I haven”t been back to that site. I want to keep coming back here.

    • Ahah we get it ;).

      Look at the right column of the article for this text:
      “We only review products that we tried and researched throughout. We’re not sponsored by any of the products we review and we pay in full for everything.”

      All our reviews are products we actually use in our van and we paid in full (no sponsored articles). We sometime get emails asking us to recommend a product, but as you can see it hasn’t happen because we want to keep it real here.

      No BS: we get commission from Amazon links (as disclosed) and it’s a pretty good incentive to keep publishing reviews. If we don’t like a product, we simply don’t talk about it (no review) but we mention it in our “On Second Thought” section in each specific Build Journal article.

      Thanks for writing to us,

  3. I see that the fan can rotate which looks nice for directing air flow but is it noisy and does it bounce around while your driving? Is there a way to tighten it down when not in use and have it hugging the wall of the van?

    • Hi,
      it’s a little noisy (please read “what we don’t like”) and there is a lock so the fan stays in place (hugging the wall) (it’s a quick release similar to a bicycle, it’s visible on the animated GIF).


    • Oh that’s steep! It’s 119$ currently on
      That’s the problem with Amazon, sometime prices are ridiculous outside the USA; you really got to be careful and compare the price with .com VS .ca before committing. We got most of our stuff from and got it shipped to the border using


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