Sirocco II Elite Fan Review: Gimbal-Mounted (360° Airflow) Wall Fan for Vanlife

Sirocco II Elite Fan Review: Gimbal-Mounted (360° Airflow) Wall Fan for Vanlife

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Sirocco II Elite Fan Review: Gimbal-Mounted (360° Airflow) Wall Fan for Vanlife

The Sirocco 3-axis wall fan is the perfect addition to our campervan; it's one of those things we installed "just-in-case" but it turned out we use it A LOT! We love the 360 degrees directional air flow: it allows us to use the fan anywhere in the van (in the bedroom at night or in the living-room during the day). It's marine-grade so it's a high-quality product and it's built to last. Let's have a closer look!

Sirocco 3 axis 360 degrees timelapse (500px)
3-axis, 360° air flow action!

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1- Jumping to Conclusion


What We Like

What We don't like

FarOutRide Van Interior with Sirocco II Elite Fan
We installed the fan between the bedroom and the kitchen, so the airflow can be directed pretty much anywhere in the van.

2- Models and Where to Buy

Sirocco II Elite

Sirocco II Elite Black

Elite model not available on Amazon for now 🙁

Sirocco II Elite White

Elite model not available on Amazon for now 🙁

Sirocco II

Sirocco II Black

Sirocco II White

3- How to Install


The fan is connected to the 12V battery via a fuse box. We won’t get into details here, but you might want to check our Electrical System Guide and our Wiring Diagram ( for more information.

Wiring Diagram

Wall Mount

1- Install the mounting plate using six screws and drill a hole in the wall to route the electrical wire:

2- Install the fan onto the mounting plate and secure using the two bolts:


4- Reliability

It’s a high-quality product (hence the high price tag) and has 4 years warranty (Elite model)… We’re confident it will pass the test of time!

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5 thoughts on “Sirocco II Elite Fan Review: Gimbal-Mounted (360° Airflow) Wall Fan for Vanlife”

  1. Hi guys,

    Nice review – we want one ! Have a Sprinter 170, north south bed above garage, just wondering if we need two ( one each side ) or whether there is, in your opinion, sufficient circulation with just one ? I am assuming the fan can be set to automatically and continuously rotate on the gimble axis ?

    • Get one, we love it! We think one is enough even though it does NOT rotate continuously. Our bed space is pretty small and we both feel the airflow. Worst case, I guess you can add one later if you feel one is not enough?

  2. Bought the fan in January 2020. Have hardly used it and today 8/16/20 it stopped working.Its the sirocco ii model. Is it still under warranty? Paid $103 on amazon. Yes, expensive for a fan that didn’t last long.


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