Door Prop for Transit and Sprinter Van (Holds The Rear Door Open)

Door Prop Ford Transit Mercedes Sprinter (6)

Door Prop for Transit and Sprinter Van (Holds The Rear Door Open)

This Door Prop thingy holds the rear door open using the existing latch mechanism:

Door Prop Ford Transit Mercedes Sprinter (8)
There is a slight rubbing, so the door prop comes with tape to protect the paint.
Door Prop Ford Transit Mercedes Sprinter (5)
The door opening is approximately 3 inches.
*It is still possible to lock the doors (including the rear doors) when the Door Prop is installed!

The Door Prop fits the following vans: Ford Transit & Mercedes Sprinter (NCV3 model).

Why and when we use it:

In wildlife country

  • It keeps unwanted guests out of the van. We just sleep better with it!
  • It's most likely not bear proof, but we use it anyway in bear country during the day when we're hanging out in the van (in bear country, we keep the doors closed at night).

In Urban Areas

  • While hanging out in our van in the city is not really our thing, it's part of vanlife reality. So it's great that we can safely vent the van using the rear doors.
  • It's most likely not thief proof, but it's a great thief deterrent for the stuff easily accessible in the back of our van.

In Rural Areas

  • No wildlife? Safe neighborhood? Awesome, then we can sleep with the doors open!
  • While it could be OK to sleep with the doors fully open, we just sleep better when the door prop thingy is installed...

High Winds

  • It restricts ventilation (and doors movement) in high wind conditions.
  • So things don't go flying all over the van.

We like it, and we think you'll like it too.

Thanks for reading, hope that helps!


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  1. How does this compare to the floor vents you installed? I will not be living out of my van permanently and am looking for excuses not to install a floor vent. This is partly because I am ready to install my floor and I don’t know where I would want to put one. Do you have problems with bugs when using the thingy?


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