Mosquito Screens for Camper Van (Transit/Sprinter/ProMaster)

Mosquito Screens for Camper Van (Transit/Sprinter/ProMaster)

Mosquito Screens for Camper Van (Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster)
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If you’re like us, the noise of a single mosquito can ruin a good night of sleep. They say that killing the mosquitos before going to bed is part of the Vanlife routine… it actually doesn’t have to be! Adding mosquito screens to our van was a priority, and in retrospect, we’re SO GLAD we did! In the article below, we’ll give you a quick tour of our mosquito screens and give you a solid option for the Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, or Ram ProMaster camper vans.


1- Mosquito Screens we Currently Have on our Van

The mosquito screens we current have on our van are made by, a small local company just outside Montreal here in Canada. It’s an exceptional product, but, unfortunately, it’s hard to get and the price tag is quite steep. So keep scrolling down this page for an alternative! Here are the Rolef mosquito screens installed on our van:

Rear Doors (Garage)

Mosquito Mode
Mosquito Screens Ford Transit Van (3)
Mosquito mode. The van is fully vented, yet no mosquitos!
Fully Closed Mode
Mosquito Screens Ford Transit Van (1)
Fully closed mosquito screens. Great for winter or when we take a shower back there (
Partially Opened Mode
Mosquito Screens Ford Transit Van (4)
Partially opened mosquito screens. The top/bottom part can be turned into mosquito/closed mode independently.
Fully Opened Mode
Mosquito Screens Ford Transit Van (2)
Fully opened mosquito screens. Because we can.

Side Door

Mosquito Mode
Mosquito Screens Ford Transit Van (6)
Open Mode
Mosquito Screens Ford Transit Van (5)

Magnetic Door (Our favorite feature!)

Getting in/out of the van doesn’t get any easier than this!

2- Mosquito Screens we Currently Recommend: The Bug Wall

People have been asking us about our screens for years, so we’re VERY EXCITED to finally have an alternative to propose! The Bug Wall‘s challenge was to create insect screens made of quality material at a fair price… and it looks like they accomplished it. On top of that, their product can be installed fairly easily by anyone; they have a very comprehensive installation video (see below), so it doesn’t get easier that this! The Bug Wall is currently making insect screens for the Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, and Ram ProMaster vans (pretty much all models: low/med/high roof, etc.) and offer a few models.

The Bug Wall Mosquito Screens

Insect screens for ProMaster, Transit, and Sprinter vans. Handmade in the USA.

The Bug Wall Insect Screens Logo

Side Door

Magnet/Zipper opening type, Center/Offset opening location.

Insect Bug Mosquito Screens, The Bug Wall (Side Door Ram ProMaster)

Rear Door – Full Set

Magnet/Zipper opening type.

Insect Bug Mosquito Screens, The Bug Wall (Rear Door Full Ford Transit)

Rear Door – Garage Set

Magnet/Zipper opening type, Center/Offset opening location, customized bed platform height (neat!).

Insect Bug Mosquito Screens, The Bug Wall (Rear Door Garage, Fully Closed)
Fully Closed.
Insect Bug Mosquito Screens, The Bug Wall (Rear Door Garage, Full Closed)
Partially Closed.
Insect Bug Mosquito Screens, The Bug Wall (Rear Door Garage, Open)
Partially Opened.

Installation Video

Here is the installation video made by The Bug Wall; it’s very well made and will guide you through the installation process:

Side Screen
Rear Screen

Installation: reality Check

We recently joined our friends Eric (YouTube: BCPOV) and Yuka (YouTube: Van Girl Yuka) for a session of The Bug Wall mosquito screens installation on their Ford Transit camper van (they live full time in it, just like us!). Overall, we found the installation video (above) pretty accurate and easy to follow. We started with the side door: expect it to be an iterative process because it’s a little hard to find the perfect position. But it’s totally doable. We then installed the rear door: maybe because we had gain some experience, but we found the rear door mosquito screens to be pretty straightforward to install! We think it took about 4 hours total to install. If we had to start over again, we could probably cut this time in half (because we’re experts now!).

Still figuring things out at first…
The clip specialist
Contemplating the good work!

Front Doors Mosquito Net

Van Made Gear Mosquito Net

Top-quality mosquito net (pair) for the ProMaster van driver/passenger door (Transit and Sprinter vans coming soon, we’re hoping!) . These bug screens attach magnetically to the window contour and pack down small. No-see-ums. Handmade in the USA.

Mosquito Net Front Door (driver, passenger) for ProMaster Sprinter Transit vans (exterior)
Mosquito Net Front Door (driver, passenger) for ProMaster Sprinter Transit vans
Mosquito Net Front Door (driver, passenger) for ProMaster Sprinter Transit vans (storage mode)

At checkout, use “faroutride5percent” coupon code to get 5% discount!

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24 thoughts on “Mosquito Screens for Camper Van (Transit/Sprinter/ProMaster)”

  1. Do these keep out noseeums .

    I see this says mosquito net but if you’ve ever been attacked by noseeums you’ll know why I’m asking

  2. Antoine

    I’m looking to have BugWall ship a couple of screen doors up to eastern Canada for our Sprinter – did you have any surprise excise duties etc added on when you got yours shipped north (assuming you didn’t take a trip to South Carolina). Love your site


  3. so this is a permeant solution that you leave up all the time? not like window insulation where you throw up the magnets when you need them

  4. If you don’t have or don’t want to spend that kind of money, you can buy a magic mesh screen door *as seen on TV!!!!* for about 10 bucks cut it to size and put it up with snap button fasteners. This is what I did and it works very well. And… it’s magic.

    • I did the very same thing. They were end of season clearance ($5.00) I use them on my ford e 150 back door and side door. You can only open one of the side doors or rear doors at a time because the screens are not super wide. I bought lots of magnets to hold them in place

  5. Would it be possible to post some photos of how these screens are attached to the van? I have seen some companies that use the door seal to attach their screens but ROLEF doesn’t use this method, so I would like to see if their method will work for my van. As an added note, I have carpet padding and automotive carpet glued directly to my interior door frames so magnets wouldn’t work unless I attached something for it to stick to.

  6. HI
    I just found your blog m thanks for all the info. We are in the South of France and so have a lot of mosquitoes and we are lucky that a friend in our village has a mosquito net making business with magnets and likes a challenge and so she made one for the side door of our Toyota proace van . She makes to mesure so if you want and if it’s allowed on this site I can give you her web site. It is a lot cheaper than the prices you guys have posted up.
    All the best

    • Hi there Julie,

      I am very interested in possibly hiring your friend to design a cheaper mosquito net system for the double side doors and double back doors for my ford f150 transit van. Thanks!

    • Hi Julie,
      I am from Germany. Could you pass me the website of your friend ? I am interested to get a solution for our Citroen Jumper based van.
      Cheers, Michael

  7. We got Rolef screens in our van in June. We are based out of Boston and not full time yet so New England mosquitoes and bugs can really ruin your experience. These screen are amazing! I don’t regret spending the money on them at all.


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