Wedgewood (Atwood) Vision range – Review

Wedgewood (Atwood) Vision range – Review

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The Wedgewood (Atwood) Vision range makes us feel at home! It allows us to cook healthy meals and we can cook just about anything, so we don’t crave for restaurants. For us there is no such thing as “Vanlife Cooking”, we just cook like we used to in a house!

We’ve been using the range full-time since 2017 and our experience with it is super positive; keep reading to know why!

Faroutride Kitchen 1




  • Cutout dimensions:
Cutout dimensions (click to enlarge). This is extracted from the manual.


  • Oven dimensions (17″ model), Top section (cook/heat): 6″ high x 15″ wide x 14″ deep
  • Oven dimensions (17″ model), Bottom section (broil): 2″ high x 15″ wide x 14″ deep
  • Gas pressure: 11″ W.C. (so a standard RV propane regulator is fine)
  • Propane consumption: we use the range 6 or 7 times a day (boiling water for coffee, making toasts, preparing lunch and dinner, heating water for washing the dishes, boiling water for tea in the evening) and our 20 lbs propane tank last more than two months (of course the tank empty faster if we use our Propex Heater and our Propane Shower)


What we Like

  • The burners precisely adjust from a low simmer to a full burn (they really do!).
  • The oven has a thermostat (graded in Fahrenheit), just like a regular oven.
  • It’s not a full-size oven, but it’s the perfect size for the two of us; we don’t really have to compromise.
  • We like the fact that we don’t have to set-up our kitchen every time we want to cook; no need to get a camping stove on the countertop and store it after use. Sure, it occupies precious space in our van, but we think it’s totally worth it for being able to cook everything we like.


What we Don’t Like …

  • The Wedgewood Vision range model doesn’t have sealed burners, so food sometimes find its way under the burner (it can be cleaned by removing the stove top). The Atwood model does have sealed burners, but be aware that sealed burners don’t boil water as fast a a non-seal burners…
  • When we first tried to ignite the burner using the Piezo, it wouldn’t work; we noticed the sparks occurred inside the burner box instead of at the burner.  That’s because the insulation of the electrical wire was too thin; adding heat shrink tubing on each electrical wire solved the issue! It’s a 15 minutes job, no big deal…
Heat shrink (in red) was added on each electrical wire


Models & Where to Buy

The Wedgewood Vision range comes in a 17″ or 21″ oven size. We chose the 17″ and it’s perfect for our needs:

Wedgewood Vision Range


We also installed the bi-fold cover to act as a backsplash:

atwood bi-fold cover 54106



We detailed EVERYTHING about our installation in the following articles:




  1. Rotate the burner knob to “LITE” position
  2. Rotate the “SPARK” knob
  3. Select the desired intensity (from low to high)
  4. Voilà!
Wedgewood Atwood Vision Range RV (2)
Wedgewood Atwood Vision Range RV (3)



There is no electrical Piezo igniter, a long lighter is needed. Here is how it goes:

1.Push and rotate the oven knob to “PILOT” (hold it there) and light the pilot using a lighter. Keep pushing the knob on “PILOT” position for 5 to 10 seconds. You can now release the knob and the pilot stays on:

Wedgewood Atwood Vision Range RV (4)
Push and hold at “PILOT” position
Wedgewood Atwood Vision Range RV (5)
Ignite the pilot and keep pushing at “PILOT” position
Wedgewood Atwood Vision Range RV (6)
Release the “PILOT” knob after 5-10 seconds. The pilot stays on.


2. Select the desired oven temperature (from 300F to 500F, or Broil).

Wedgewood Atwood Vision Range RV (7)


3. To temporarily turn off the oven, set the knob to “PILOT”: the pilot stays on and the oven can be used again without using a lighter. When finished, turn the knob to “OFF”: the pilot turns off (a lighter is required to use the oven again).


To cook (or heat) food use the top section of the oven; to broil use the bottom section:



So far we used the oven to toast bread, cook meat, pizza, muffins, brownies, heat pies and croissants… the list goes on. It works just like a regular oven!



We’ve been using the Wedgewood Vision range since February 2017 and it just work as it should, awesome! We see this model being installed in so many RV, we believe it is a robust product that will pass the test of time.

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Suburban range

Suburban range
Suburban range (17″). Buy on Amazon.

Suburban offers ranges very similar to Atwood. To be honest, the only reason why we bought an Atwood range is because we found a deal we couldn’t let go! Both products seems acceptable choices.


Camp Chef Outdoor Oven

Camp Chef Outdoor Oven
Camp Chef Outdoor Oven. Buy on Amazon.

We considered buying it because being portable sounded nice… in theory. In the real world, we prefer a permanent setup where we can just use the range without having to set it up. It’s much less irritating this way! Also, we met some fellow vandwellers who mentioned that the oven thermostat on the Camp Chef doesn’t work so good; it’s more like a ON/OFF thing which is not great…









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31 thoughts on “Wedgewood (Atwood) Vision range – Review”

  1. c’est quoi le petit régulateur qui semble y avoir sur ma cuisiniere à gaz propane dans mon vr de marque wedgewood vision

  2. I need to repair the primary burner but don’t want to force the top. Is there a secret to removing the top of the stove?

  3. Did you install any additional ventilation features for the oven and stove? Or do you vent straight to the cabin and procedurally have either the door open and/or the vent fan running?

  4. Hi!

    Fellow ski bum here! I was wondering if you ever experienced any issue with the stove at altitude? Did you have to adjust the pressure of the regulator or do any other tricks to make the stove top work?

    I’m currently look for a stove top, and I’m reading a lot of reviews about the Dometic, Suburban and other RV stoves that stop working around 5,000ft of elevation. Being a ski bum, I spend all winter around 8,000ft so that would be a deal breaker.

      • MY partner and I used a “Chinese” diesel heater in our last build and it worked out really well, so we plan on doing that again. I already bought a small 6 gal diesel tank that we plan on undermounting since our van is gasoline.

        Even though I really wanted more than 2 burners, I decided on the Camp Chef Everest. I know it functions well at altitude, has lots of BTUs, and it will be nice to have the ability to cook outside on sunny days/in the summer. And if I hate it, I can always add a built in cooktop later!

  5. Camp Chef now has 2 upgraded models with thermostat (can control temp) and one or both are insulated.
    Will you have an oven in next build?

  6. Thank you so much for your informative piece on this oven. We have just bought our first fifth wheel &starting our life on the road (were in the UK with a Eurocruiser) and the cooker came with no instructions whatsoever. I could not work out how to light the oven at all. After searching through Google I eventually came across you. Thank you for writing such a great piece.

    • Agree! Best review and instruction! I will now bake cookies on our next trip I could never figure out where the damn pilot was!

  7. If you are using your oven and it is burning the food in the center but top and sides of it aren’t done, install unglazed ceramic tiles or a pizza stone on the metal surface just above oven burner. This will spread the heat around uniformly. DO NOT cover the perimeter holes around the edges of the oven with the tiles. try it,,,it works.

  8. Thanks a ton for these posts, they’re very informative.

    I have the same stove but the non-Piezo model and for the life of me I can’t get it working properly. When attached to a propane tank with a low pressure, high pressure, and a fancy two-stage regulator, the burners won’t ignite and no gas is getting past the Atwood’s built-in regulator.

    I then tried eliminating any regulators at the tank itself and relying only on the Atwood’s built-in regulator. That works, but it seems like the flame is too strong at that point!

    Based on your propane diagrams, it seems the Atwood is hooked up after the two-stage regulator and not directly to the tanks – is that the case? Because for the life of me I can’t seem to get the gas flowing unless the tank is connected directly to the Atwood’s internal regulator.

      • Really appreciate the response, it’s good to know that there is indeed supposed to be an 11″ W.C. rated regulator at the tank and the Atwood’s internal regulator takes that down to 10″ W.C.

        All our other propane appliances work, from our Eccotemp water heater to the ProCom house heater. Only the stove is giving us trouble. Having tried 3 different regulators, all brand new, I’m starting to suspect there’s something wrong with the unit itself.

        Thanks again for getting back to me, it’s a big help!

  9. Does the oven truly work for baking? My current oven in RV doesn’t work well at all. Burns everything on the bottom, raw on top. I have stopped using it completely which bothers me about living in RV full time because baking feeds my soul.

    • There’s a few semi-simple solutions for this.
      (I know about it, as we are living in a motorhome with this also, and had that exact issue.)
      1. Make sure the thermostat is in the right place.
      2. As mentioned above, Pizza stone (or ceramic) in the right place.
      3. If making a pie, add a cookie sheet under it. Cookies or bread, 2 cookie sheets total. (Add a cookie sheet below the main one with cookies, put two under the bread pan when making bread. I bet you can figure the rest out with experimenting yourself!)

  10. Hi A&I-

    Hmmm. We got a new (but old) Wedgewood, nice stove. But…

    …it does rattle a lot. Did you go after specific rattle points, or is the dish rag approach all you did? I am thinking some neoprene in strategic non-super hot locations, like at the side of the stove top.



  11. Hi!

    @agreenstello van here, working on van 2.0. Question: What are the interior dimensions? Or, specifically, can you fit a “standard” frozen pizza in the oven? You guys are an inspiration.


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