2023 Ford Transit Trail | Features & Specs (What we know so far)

2023 Ford Transit Trail | Features & Specs (What we know so far)

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The 2023 Transit Trail was just announced, and there’s no doubt Ford is targeting the DIY van conversion crowd, with #Vanlife hashtag and catchy phrases like “Attention DIYers / Van-Lifers” all over the press releases. Obviously, Ford is trying to create a hype around the North American release of the Trail model, with most auto medias publishing press release simultaneously. What we’re really interested in are the technical features and specifications, but it’s either vague or diluted in the marketing pitch. So below we’ll attempt to make a clear and concise list of what is included in the Trail’s package and update it as more info becomes available.


The Transit Trail will be offered in cargo van configurations (no crew or passenger!) including a 148″ WB long-length (med/high roof) or a 148″WB extended-length (high roof):

148″ WB | Medium Roof | Long Length
148″ WB | High Roof | Long Length
148″ WB | High Roof | Extended Length

Drivetrain & GVWR

  • AWD (All-Wheel Drive).
  • 3.73 limited slip rear axle.
  • 3.5L Ecoboost engine.
  • 10-Speed transmission.
  • Heavy-Duty front axle.
  • 9,500 lbs GVWR.
  • 6,500 lbs max towing capacity.

Factory Lift

The Transit Trail is equipped with 2.25-inch suspension lift (source: gearpatrol.com). Suspension lift is commonly performed by consumer with the help of lift kits (e.g., Van Compass), but Ford offering it as an option is a premiere.

Larger All-Terrain Tires

Comes with 30.5-inch Goodyear Wrangler Workhorse All-Terrain tires, instead of the standard 28-inch tires. Ford offering larger tires on the Transit is also a premiere, but it’s a pretty common thing to install larger tires for DIYers: (see faroutride.com/ford-transit-larger-tires-upgrade).



16-inch “Transit Trail” black aluminum wheels. New factory option that adds up to the third-party options already available on the market: (see faroutride.com/transit-wheels).

16-inch black alloy wheels

Higher Clearance and Wider Track

The combination of suspension-lift, larger tires, and wheel-offset gives the Transit Trail a 3.5″ increase in ride height (6.7″ ground clearance) and 2.75″ wider track:

Source: media.ford.com
Wider Track

Front Bumper

Black Transit Trail grille with integrated marker lamps, as well as a skid plate-style front bumper.

Front grille & bumper

Pre-Installed Roof Vent (Optional)

A pre-installed optional roof-vent is available. Our guess is that its location will be fixed, so those wanting a different location (rear/front) will still have to go the DIY way: (see faroutride.com/fan-installation).

Roof Fan

Swivel Seats

Factory swivel seats have been available for a while, but it’s interesting to note that they will be included in the Trail package.

Ford Transit Swivel Seat Installation (Driver and Passenger)
faroutride.com/swivel-transit (DIY)

Slider-Type side Steps

Running boards were available before, but these look a bit more rugged.


Splash guards and wheel arch cladding



The following options were already available for the Transit (see our Ford Transit Order Guide for Camper Van Conversion), but are packaged together in the Trail model:

  • 250A alternator (can be used to charge the house battery with a DC-DC charger).
  • Heavy-duty trailer tow package.
  • Dual AGM batteries.
  • Auxiliary fuse panel with high spec interface connector.
  • 31-gallon extended range fuel tank (optional).
  • Wheel well liners (front).
  • HID headlamps.
  • Fog lamps.
  • Privacy windows.
  • Short arm power adjusting, power-folding heated side mirrors with turn signals.
  • Keyless entry keypad.
  • Push-button start.
  • 110V/400W power outlet.
  • 4-way manual seats (with swivel).
  • Front overhead shelf.
  • Co-Pilot 360 (pre-collision assist, lane-keeping system, etc.)
  • Sync 4 (12-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, etc.)


Starting price of $65,770 USD (according to motorauthority.com).


With the new 2023 Transit Trail, Ford introduces some interesting new features such as the factory lift, larger all-terrain tires, alloy wheels, pre-installed roof fan, and aesthetics (side steps, bumper, etc.). But they also didn’t completely re-invent the wheel, by packaging existing options that are not new or unique to the Trail model. There is certainly a lot of marketing hype about this release, but we’re actually happy to see Ford has been working on new features.

Please let us know if we forgot anything in the comment section below!

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19 thoughts on “2023 Ford Transit Trail | Features & Specs (What we know so far)”

  1. Does it only come in 3500? Ford does not have a build or chassis specs. 350 seems like overkill and tough on gas with lower gear ratios. it’s more for cargo like ups or amazon.

  2. Ordered a new trail high roof extended. Ordered it with the trail package. The trail package says it has the 3.5 l eco boost. The dealer said I needed to pay for the eco boost separate? I seem to be paying twice if it comes in the package. Thoughts?

  3. This is so well done, great job! I’m currently interested in getting the Trail, but couldn’t find any information other than generalities and nice pics so your deep dive is very helpful. If the delays are too long, I might as well get the LT cargo van and just upgrade over time. And I read your opinion of the AWD vs RWD and your experiences with RWD it made me reconsider getting AWD so many thanks for that.

  4. I currently own a 350 XLT HD AWD DRW Passneger van. I have the ability to put the passenger seats in and remove when in “camper mode”. Does anyone know if the Transit trail will be equioed with the bench or jump seat inserts in the floor, or are those generally not included in the Cargo van build? I am asking because a friend is looking at getting the trail. I personally like the versatility of using the passenger van as my adventure van…that’s just me. Also, I( have a scopema plate that I used on my older van, but this 2020 has a massive ebrake housing with a 110 outlet in it. I kinda think I may be out of luck trying to swivel the drivers seat with the massive ebrake housing….thoughts. Thanks fo everything

  5. Hi

    Transit order banks have been closed since Sept 2022. Transit Trail was announced in November 2022. How does one order a 2023 Transit Trail. Insight appreciated, thanks

    • Bruce,

      The Transit Trail order portal is now open. I ordered one through my local dealership fleet department yesterday12.16.22.

  6. I bought my van new (148 MR Cargo, Eco, dual alt, loaded RWD ) in Dec 2020, paid $45K OTD added $6K in tires, lift, and rocker guards. I don’t see the value if one is a fabricator or talented DIY. The AWD is over-rated, I can go anywhere the AWD can and I have – if you know how to drive.

    • I’m happy that you were able to get your RWD van at such a good price. However, I felt I should share a perspective about AWD that you may not have encountered. It is most definitely worth it to myself (and others) that cross western mountain passes where the DOT requires 4WD or AWD as an alternative under “chains required” conditions. I don’t want to carry chains nor do I want to have to stop in a snowstorm to put them on.

    • I think it does. Someone did the analysis somewhere on the Forum and it costs a bit more to do all these upgrade by yourself (lift, wheels, tire, bumper, skid plates, etc.).


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