Bike Repair Stand (Park Tool) for Adventure Van

Bike Repair Stand (Park Tool) for Adventure Van

Bike Repair Stand (Park Tool) for Adventure Van (Heading 1920px)
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We're pretty obsessed with our bikes and riding (almost) everyday means a LOT of maintenance and repairs. For the last two years we improvised repair stands out of picnic tables, Adirondack chairs, bike racks, and other unrelated objects definitely not suited for the job. A repair stand is not absolutely necessary, but it makes mechanical sessions much more efficient and enjoyable! After holding back on this upgrade for the last two years, the time has come 🙂 To save space in our van, we installed the Park Tool Bench Mount Repair Stand (PRS-7-2).

Choosing the repair stand

Quality tools rimes with quality work, so we knew we wanted a Park Tool!

While the portable model (Park Tool PCS 10.2) sounds like what we needed, the folding legs actually occupy some precious space:

Park Tool PCS 10.2 Deluxe Home Mechanic Repair Stand

These legs are made for dancin’… the clamp is what we actually need:

Park Tool PRS 4W-2 Wall Mount Repair Stand

Park Tool PRS 7-2 Bench Mount Repair Stand

Into the R&D lab:

Mounting the repair stand on the rear door of the van would be quite nice, but the wall mount weldment interferes with our mosquito screens ( when the doors are closed… It could work for a van with no screen!

Height is good… it’s not in the way… it’s stable enough… Good work sir. Looks like we’ll install the bench mount repair stand (PRS 7-2) on our slide-out rack (!

Installing the Park Tool repair stand to the van

1- Mount the bench mount weldment to the slide-out rack

Bike Repair Stand Park Tool Installation Vanlife (2)
Bolts are inserted from below and we used wing-nuts so we can easily remove the weldment during winter.

2- Mount the universal top tube assembly to the bench mount weldment

Bike Repair Stand Park Tool Installation Vanlife (3)
Just slide it in and torque the two screws.

3- Mount the clamp to the universal top tube assembly

The clamp is super easy to install/remove using the handle in the back.

A few moments later...

Park Tool PRS7-2 Mountain Bike Repair Stand Van
The clamp can rotate 360 degrees.

(Remember to clamp your bike to the fixed part of the seatpost, not to your frame and not to the seatpost stanchion! Otherwise you could make damages.)

Our Appreciation

10/10 Highly Recommended!!

OK bye see you next time.

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  1. Park Tool did a great video on why attaching the clamp on your stanchion is just fine. Just wipe off the clamp and stanchion first to remove dirt and grime and you’re set!


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