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Let’s start with a lesson we learned when packing the van for the last time, that is when moving full-time in the van: there shall be no such thing as unused space.

We really thought there would be some extra space left; you know, we got the bigger Transit model! We actually had to left some stuff behind (climbing gear, among others). Organized storage is the key!

We won’t go into the fabrication details (wood working, we’ve done that before in other articles); we will focus on showing off our layout.

Now, all this stuff MUST fit in our garage:

Garage Stuff


Yep, it does fit:



TIME SPENT ON THE JOB:  This was a few days before leaving our house, so things got chaotic at that point; we didn’t track how much time… 




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  • It’s listed in the article below



  • Time is definitely not a resource at that point.


First of all, the upper limit of the garage is the bed platform. The platform is 40in from the floor, but we probably could have make it to 38-39in. See our Platform Bed Installation Article:



Then, everyone needs a slide-out-bike-rack; here’s our:

Slide-Out Bike Rack Van


Similarly, we also built a slide-out-storage-rack:



The slide-out-storage-rack holds the Mr Heater BOSS hot shower (Buy on Amazon) and the aquatainer tank (Buy on Amazon), the Weber Charcoal BBQ (Buy on Amazon) (the Weber storage bag helps keep things cleaned (Buy on Amazon) and the Weber chimney (Buy on Amazon) lights coal in under 10 minutes), the Primus Camp Stove (for exterior cooking – Buy on Amazon), the camping chairs and a bunch of other stuff too:

Slide Out Storage Items


We carry 25 gallons of fresh water. To prevent the water to freeze in fall and spring, we fitted the tank inside the garage. The water tank and the bike wash installation are covered in our Pressurized Water System article:


We use propane for cooking and hot shower. To play by the rules, we installed the propane tank inside a sealed and vented propane tank locker. It’s part of our Propane System Installation Article:

It’s a four-seasons van, we need to fit some snowboards & splitboards in there. Here is the board rack:


We added some 3M anti-erosion tape to protect the wood from the sharp edges of the boards. We still haven’t used the rack much. Because it’s relatively small (14″x 14″) for 2 snowboards & 2 splitboards, it might be a bit irritating to load/unload the boards often. Time will tell!


We first mentioned in this article that there should be no unused space, remember? Here is some storage we added a few days prior our departure, to pack more stuff inside the van. It’s not very sexy, because we didn’t have much time left at this point, but it does the job:



The storage doors are locked with a hook:


Before you ask, this white giant slinky (in the right corner on the next picture) is actually an air intake for above the bed. When the roof fan runs, air is pulled in through the intake. And, for MAXIMUM POWER, we also added an inline-fan. Here is the write-up about that:


We wanted to have access to the garage from inside the van, so we don’t have to go outside in winter (and loose our precious heat by opening the doors). This is the perfect spot for a wardrobe!

We installed a regular wardrobe pole.


On one side of the wardrobe we store our backpacks, the backup heater, the leveling blocks, an ax (because we’re Canadian. and because we will chop your head off if you try to steal from us) and few other things too:

In the picture above:


There is some space left, but it’s a bit difficult to access… perfect! We added the off-season gear at this location (snowboard gear in summer, bike gear in winter):

In the picture above:


We added some hooks here and there for our hydration packs and helmets:


And finally, the bikes and the van won’t maintain themselves, we need some basic tools stored in tool boxes:

There are some small wood blocks screwed into the bottom tool box, so the top tool box won’t go anywhere!



That’s pretty much it!



We hope you enjoyed!

Pssssst… we recently swapped our Mr Heater for an Eccotemp L5 hot shower.


Oh wait, there’s more! We got tired of using our floor pump so we added an on board mountain bike tire inflator:




After 2 months living in the van, we’re happy with our garage. We wish we had just a bit more time to build it up to our expectation (aesthetically), but it’s a garage so what the heck, it’s functional!






Check out our Build Journal, learn everything about The Van, read our VanLife Guides, or if you’re new to this start by reading Our Story.





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14 thoughts on “Garage”

  1. Great post, thanks! We are going to build your sliding drawer for a cooler and bin, but when I clicked on the link to the sliders in Amazon, there were a variety of lengths available. It is not specified on your product list – what length of slider did you go with? It looks like it runs nearly the length of the drawer (50″) but the longest length on that Amazon link is 36″, so I’m in doubt. Thanks for any help!

  2. Thanks for the awesome posts. This website just keeps getting better.
    Garage question. I am going to make a slide for the bikes and camping gear.
    Instead of two separate slides what about doing one?
    I am interested to hear your thoughts as you really use this space. I am doing week long trips at most.
    Garage will have two mountain bikes and camping gear.
    Thanks Guys

    • I’ve seen one large drawer in several builds. The problem I see is that the stuff in the middle of the drawer will be hard to reach… And maybe the risk of over-weighting it… Other than than it should work!

  3. First off, I should thank both of you for putting this all together. I’m in the middle of my own build right now and this is my go to site for inspiration and build details. Thank you! Now, to my question. What lights did you use for the inside of the garage?

    • Hi Jared!
      We used these:

      But they’re quite fragile (we broke them a few times by taking /putting stuff in the garage), make sure to protect them if you use them. If I had to start over, I would go for something more “heavy duty”.


  4. Really enjoyed reading this post and you gave me a good giggle when I read “ax (because we’re Canadian. and because we will chop your head off if you try to steal from us)”. Thank you!

  5. Love this post. Was wondering about all this. You forgot space for a kite great though. Try it once and you’ll be looking for it. 😉
    How come you have the extra aquatainer?

    • It’s for the hot shower; the Mr Heater BOSS cannot be part of the pressurized water system, it requires a tank since it has its own pump.

      Kite looks like a lot of fun!! Priorities…


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