Tales From The Road: August, September & October 2020

Tales From The Road: August, September & October 2020

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Hey, it’s been a while… it’s time for an update!

In our previous “Tales from the Road” (May/June/July) we transitioned from Houselife back to Vanlife, because British Columbia went out of complete lockdown and allowed traveling again. The plan was to travel British Columbia and ride our bikes (no surprises here 😉 ). In our last update, we made it to the awesome city of Nelson (#1):


We continue where we left off… Thanks for joinging us!

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Neslon, BC

We like to party on the trails all day, so it gets quiet pretty early here at the basecamp...

Vanlife Firecamp Sunset

As you know Eric and Yuka are full time YouTubers, and they're much better than us at telling stories... Here is how mountain biking goes around here:

And when our bodies cannot take it anymore, we trade our wheels for our hiking shoes...

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Neslon & Kimberley


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Sessioning jumps and picking berries, everyone is busy and happy in the woods!

Bike and berries

Far Out Views 🙂

Far Out Views

Beautiful Fernie

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Good night!


The Rockies are just gorgeous...

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Back to Eric and Yuka!

Venturing into the alpine is always an adventure!

Over 1,500m of descent ahead, this should be good...

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Sea To Sky

And here we are, back “home”. It’s been a very busy summer with a LOT of riding and traveling, it feels so good!

The CAN/USA border is still close at the time of writing these lines and let’s face it, it won’t open anytime soon. So we decided to adapt to the situation and spend the winter in Revelstoke where we’ll be renting a place from November to March. Why not stay in the van? We discussed about that in this post:

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WINTER 2020-2021 ITINERARY MAP . No need to zoom out, there's nothing else to see 😁 . So we did it: we decided to take an apartment for the upcoming ski season in Revelstoke. Are we giving up on the lifestyle? If we rewind a few years back, we dreamed of changing our life so we would spend more time doing what we love the most (it often means going down a mountain on two wheels or with a plank strapped to our feet); Vanlife was a key element to make it happen, but it wasn't the main objective. So to answer the question: no, we're not giving up. Spending four months near a world-class ski resort, close to world-class backcountry ski zones fits quite nicely in the lifestyle if you ask us! We're SUPER excited about it. 🙂 . So why not just stay in the van? Because of the actual context, borders are closed, libraries are closed, coffeeshops are closed (or have restricted access), most recreation centers (shower) are closed... it's not a glorious time to live in a van during winter (winter in Canada = freezing cold and it's dark at around 4pm)! And after a busy summer driving around British Columbia and riding our bikes almost 5-6 times a week, we have a lot of work to do on our website. Having a comfortable place (and decent WiFi) will help us to be more productive and enjoy ourselves more. . Will we go back in the van? Absolutely. But for now, let's make the snow dance! ❄️🏔️🌨️🙏

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Meanwhile, here we are in the Sea To Sky trying to make the most what’s left of our riding season:

Vanlife Cooking Propane VS Induction

That's it for now! Expect snow in our next update. Hopefully a lot of it 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Tales From The Road: August, September & October 2020”

  1. Allo Isabelle Antoine…..
    Vous avez vraiment un très beau site web … vous tripez ( full time ) et devez faire rêver beaucoup de gens…
    Ma femme (Francine ) et moi ( Alain ) sommes retraités 65 ans +… et avons un Sprinter 4×4 2017 …que nous avons équipé sommairement….mais qui nous a permis de voyager à trois reprises pour des voyages de plus de 10 000 km à chaque fois à travers le Canada et les USA….sans compter quelques escapades avant la pandémie en Caroline du Sud et cet été à travers le Québec…côte nord…Gaspésie …Charlevoix…
    Votre site web comporte d’excellentes idées ….
    Merci de partager avec nous vos trips….
    Francine et Alain

  2. I’ve not seen another website with so much organized content and resources available. Good on you! The Van Build Story with Pics/Links to the project is awesome.
    Another “hats off” to you for following your dreams. I’m really close to retirement, and the plan is to build a van, not to live in for long periods, but to travel for Mountain Biking as well (being in Ontario means lots of travel required for any High Alpine/Epic trails). Thanks again and once I’m a bit closer, I’ll purchase the complete build series, in the event Technology changes in the meantime.


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