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Motorized Antenna Mounting Plate for Roof Rack

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Use this mounting plate to easily install the K9000 Motorized Antenna Tilt to your roof rack. Compatible with any roof rack that utilizes 10-series or 15-series aluminum extrusion crossbars (80/20 T-Slot profiles), such as Flatline Van Co’s Low Pro. Also comes with a soft bumper to prevent collisions between the roof and antenna.

*Diamond K9000 Motorized Antenna Tilt NOT INCLUDED.

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The Diamond K9000 Motorized Antenna Tilt allows to fold an antenna up or down (90 degrees) from the press of a button:

The universal mounting brackets included with it need to be modified in order to work with 80/20 T-Slot’s crossbars. We wanted a clean, simple, and low-profile installation so we designed this mounting plate:

Motorized Antenna Mounting Plate (with 10-Series Alu Extrusion Hardware)
Motorized Antenna Mounting Plate for Roof Rack (Mounted on Crossbar - With Arrow)


To complete this DIY project, you also need:

1. Install the mounting plate to the k9000

The K9000 Motorized Antenna Tilt comes with a universal base fitment bracket. Remove the four screws and discard the old bracket:

Motorized Antenna Mounting Plate Install 1 (Discard Old Universal Bracket)

Install the new mounting plate to the K9000 Motorized Mount (reuse the screws from previous step):

Motorized Antenna Mounting Plate Install 2 (Install New Bracket with Screws)

2. Mount your antenna to the k9000

Route the antenna through the antenna mount and fasten with the hardware provided with the WeBoost:

Motorized Antenna Mounting Plate Install 3 (Install Antenna)

3. Install to your roof rack

Loosely install the t-nut(s) and the screws onto the mounting plate (so it’s ready to load into the crossbar):

Motorized Antenna Mounting Plate Install 4 (Preload T-Nuts and Screws)

Remove the crossbar, load the t-nut(s) from the crossbar end, reinstall the crossbar:

Motorized Antenna Mounting Plate Install 5 (Slide into crossbar)

Fastened the screws to secure the mounting plate to the desired position into the crossbar:

Motorized Antenna Mounting Plate Install 6 (Fasten screws)

4. Adjust the tilt motion operating angle

Power the K9000 into a cigar plug. Set the antenna to be fully raised by pressing and holding “UP” on the remote:

K9000 Motorized Antenna PowerCord into Cigar Plug

If the antenna is not vertical, loosen the nut and adjust the antenna’s angle to your liking:

Diamond K9000 Antenna Fold (Adjust Vertical Up)

Then, adjust the tilt lower limit (0-45°) to your liking (e.g. to clear solar panel or such) by rotating the grey knob on the body of the K9000:

Diamond K9000 Antenna Fold (Adjust Lower Limit)-2
Diamond K9000 Antenna Fold (Adjust Lower Limit)

5. Soft Bumper Installation

There is significant up/down movement at the tip of the antenna when it’s in the horizontal position (fully lowered). This is due to flex, freeplay and to the back torque limiter mechanism (spring to absorb impacts and prevent damage) in the motorized mount. This movement will be amplified with a longer and heavier antenna. To prevent the antenna from bumping into the roof, we made a soft bumper that holds with VHB tape:

The soft bumper is made of TPU (rubber) and has VHB tape preinstalled underneath:

Motorized Antenna Mount Soft Bumper

Clean the surface to be bonded with Isopropyl alcohol and peel the release film:

Motorized Antenna Mounting Plate Install 9 (Peel VHB Tape)

Place the soft bumper to prevent the antenna from bumping onto the roof:

Motorized Antenna Mounting Plate Install 10 (Soft Bumper Installed)

6. cables Routing and Wiring

The rest of the installation varies according to your van model, the antenna type, your electrical system, etc.

You’ll most likely have to pass the antenna cable and K9000 power cord through the roof. This is usually done via a cable seal, junction box, or our Cable Entry Pad for Ford Transit. You can get inspiration from the weBoost antenna we installed on our van:


  • Motorized Antenna Tilt: Diamond Antenna K9000
  • Aluminum Extrusion Crossbars: 10 or 15 Series.


Mounting Plate:

  • Dimensions: 3in x 1.75in x 0.15in (76mm x 45mm x 3.8mm).
  • Screws Max Size: 1/4″ (M6).
  • Material: Aluminum.
  • Finish: Powder Coated (Gloss Black).
Diamond K9000 Motorized Antenna Mounting Plate Specifications (Dimensions)

Soft Bumper:

  • Dimensions: 1.5in x 0.5in (39mm x 12.5mm).
  • Material: TPU 95A (Thermoplastic Polyurethane).
  • Adhesive: 3M VHB Tape (preinstalled underneath).
  • Color: Black.
Soft Bumper Specifications (Dimensions)


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  1. I needed to drill out holes to 5/16″ which was easy and it works perfectly.

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Motorized Antenna Mounting Plate (with 10-Series Alu Extrusion Hardware)
Motorized Antenna Mounting Plate for Roof Rack