Ford Keyless Entry KEYPAD: How To Add & Program a New Keypad

Ford Keyless Entry KEYPAD: How To Add & Program a New Keypad


The Ford Keyless Entry Keypad allows to unlock your vehicle, you guessed it, without using your keys. Turns out we use it a lot when going for a bike ride or skiing, because we like to pack light and getting stabbed by your keys when crashing is no fun. We’re no beach bums, but we heard surfers love it as well! It’s possible to order the Keyless Entry Keypad with a new vehicle, or to add one (or up to 8) later. After using the keypad on our Ford Transit for two years, we’re adding a second one on the passenger-side for more convenience. Here is how to install and program it!

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How To Program RF Keypad:

How to program additional Keyless Entry RF Keypad(s)

1- Make sure to have ALL the remote devices (RF keypad, IKT and FOB):

Ford RF Keypad FOB IKT

If missing, any remote device will not work after the programmation.

2- Unlock the vehicle:


3- Turn ignition from OFF to RUN (not start) 4 times within six seconds, ending at OFF:


The system will chime to confirm you entered program mode. Some vehicles may require 8 times instead of 4.

4- Press any key of a FOB or IKT within 10 seconds of the previous step:

The system will chime to confirm the FOB or IKT has been programmed. Repeat this step to program other FOB and IKT.

5- Press 7/8 & 9/0 button simultaneously of a RF Keypad within 10 seconds of the previous step:

RF Keypad Ford programmation

The system will chime to confirm the RF Keypad has been programmed. Repeat this step to program other RF Keypads.

6- Turn ignition to RUN.


The system will exit program mode.

How To Change the Code on the RF Keyless Entry Keypad

1- Enter the factory code (as indicated on your code card):


2- Press and hold 1/2 button for 1 second, within 5 seconds of the previous step:

The 9/0 button will flash twice to indicate that the RF Keypad is in programming mode.

RF Keypad Ford programmation 1_2

3- Enter your desired personal 5-digit code, within 5 seconds of the previous step:

Each digit must be entered within 5 seconds of the previous digit.

RF Keyless Entry Keypad Ford Unlock

The vehicle doors will unlock-lock-unlock to confirm that your personal code has been programmed to the keypad and the 9/0 button will flash twice to confirm that the keypad has exited programming mode.

How To Install the RF Keyless Entry Keypad on Your Ford Vehicle

1- Clean the surface with the provided wipe:


For proper adhesion, the mounting surface should be at least 60°F (15°C).

2- Pull the tape tabs off the keypad tape:


3- Press onto the door surface:


How To Use the Ford RF Keyless Entry Keypad

1- To unlock, enter your 5-digit code:

RF Keyless Entry Keypad Ford Unlock

Each digit must be pressed within five seconds of each other.

2- To lock all doors, press 7/8 and 9/0 buttons simultaneously:

RF Keypad Ford programmation

That's it, you're good to go!

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  1. Your Ford part number for the keyless entry kepad, labeled as “description,” above, is wrong/incomplete; it should read 7L2Z-14A626-BA. The current (and correct) part number for the keyless entry keypad is KB3Z-14A626-A (it replaces 4C3Z-14A626-AA, 7L2Z-14A626-BA, ES7Z-14A626-A)

  2. I have been wanting to upgrade the tires on my 17 250 transit, been told you can’t. Thanks for the info.
    i ordered mine with all options, my door key pad quite a year ago after a service at the local ford dealer. The keyless would not work either i would have to go back to the dealer to reprogram it. They have replace the door pad twice and still can’t get it to work, they said they have called ford pass i think and still have no info how to get it working, i know its not a big thing i really use it a lot. I am at wits end them

  3. Hello,
    My name is Adam. I own a 2016 Transit 150 – 148”. I love it! I have found your articles to be very helpful. I am in need of tires and would like to get the same ones you are running. The BF AT K02. I’m very conflicted on the sizes. I want the largest size with minimal or no modifications. I can do seam weld and some trim if needed. It says on your article that you can put on a 255/ 16 but I thought the stock rim in the transit is only 6” wide and it says the 255 is good for 6.5/8” rim. Can you shed some light on this please? Did you have any hill assist or brake system lights appear? Thank you. I’m happy to pay for your time. 513-673-7883

  4. Do these instructions work for all years and models of Fords? I have a 2008 Escape and just bought a new keyless entry keypad for it, and these are the only instructions I’ve found to ADD a new keypad. All the other instruction I found were to only change the code.

    Do these instructions work for a 2008 Ford Escape?

      • Hi Sally,
        Does your 2020 F350 have push button start? I want to also add the keyless entry to a 2019 Ford Transit Connect and was advised by the dealer that it could not be added since our unit had the Push Button Start feature.

        I would really like to add the keypad feature if it possible.

      • Where did you find directions to install the keypad? I have a 2020 F350 and can’t sync the keypad I bought with the truck!

  5. by the way , have you tried pushing 3 times the last 2 buttons on the keypad, it starts your engine , am i the only one who got that

  6. I bought a used ford with the exact same keypad but the previous owner didn’t know the key pad combination. Is there anyway to reset the code without the original code? Thanks.

      • Not with these pads. Because they are not hardwired to your vehicle, there is no way to look the code up. You have to replace it.

        I bought a brand new van this year and the dealer somehow lost the code. Despite all their efforts, they had to order and install a replacement pad.

  7. Im purchasing a new RV built on same type Ford transit chassis as my current keyless entry pad is on. The 2020 has keyless fob entry.
    Can I pull the pad off my 2017 transit and use this method to install it on the 2020 ?
    I have the original card.

  8. Thank you for this! Awesome!
    Do you know if this works on the slider door? Or should I put it on driver/passenger door and then just unlock all doors? Any cons to putting it just on slider I may not be thinking of? Thanks!

  9. Hey,
    Love your site! I just installed one of the keypads for my 2019 TRANSIT 250 and had a difficult time getting the van into program mode, even using the owners manual: unlock doors, turn key on/off 8 times and leave on to get into program mode. It wouldn’t work. Tried many different variations to no avail. Finally came across a blog somewhere and they mentioned TURNING THE WINDSHIELD WIPERS ON before starting the programming process. It worked! No idea why. Just a heads up for folks if they have the same problem.

    • Hi

      Does you 2019 Transit 250 has the Push Button start feature? I am looking to add a keypay but was told that I could not since it had the Push Button start feature. Maybe your turn on the windshield wiper trick will allow me to add?

  10. Thanks for the great info.
    When I arrive at the job site, I usually leave the key chain in between sit and get out.
    A couple of time I locked myself out and had to call for AAA so after that I carry extra key in my pants pocket so I can open it when that happen and it actually saved me.
    But, lately I forgot to take the key out from cargo pants and washed it. Ahh..
    So I think this will be much easier solution.

    I have a question though.
    When you say all the key fob has to be present to retain remote function after programming, is that mean I have to have all 4 key fobs and 2 remote starter present during the programming?

    Thank you.

    • To be honest I’m not sure about the remote starter… I just went through the manual PDF again and it doesn’t mention it. I feel like the remote starters are a separate thing, but I could be wrong… Maybe you could ask the question at a dealer.

  11. Do you by chance know if these pads do all the functions of a factory touchpad? (Unlocks just the driver door with the code then if you hit 3/4 is unlocks the rest of the doors and if you push 5/6 it opens the trunk and then hold 7/8 9/0 to lock)

    • I haven’t personally tried the functions you listed, but these pads are the same ones that are factory installed. So I’d expect the same functions to work.

  12. Great instructions on how to install the keypad, well done. I have had mine for over a year now and just over the last month it has stopped working and the lights don’t light up when you hit a button. I think the battery is dead.

    Any idea how to change the battery without ripping off the adhesive? Or do you think I will need to buy a whole new unit?

    Thanks for your help

  13. Thanks for this document … I would have never known about Keyless Entry option.

    I was following the documentation above and couldn’t get the keyless entry to work. Want was missing was the step for setting the communication type that was in the ford service pdf. One I set the communication type everything work. Suggest updating the document for those of us that like reading minimal documentation to get something to work.

  14. The first place we go when coming back from a ride or a ski is the back door. That’s where I’ld put a key pad.

    Also, my real worry when traveling is leaving the keys in the van and being accidentally locked out. That would be really bad, especially on a back road somewhere.


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