Ford Keyless Entry KEYPAD: How To Add & Program a New Keypad


Ford Keyless Entry KEYPAD: How To Add & Program a New Keypad

The Ford Keyless Entry Keypad allows to unlock your vehicle, you guessed it, without using your keys. Turns out we use it a lot when going for a bike ride or skiing, because we like to pack light and getting stabbed by your keys when crashing is no fun. We’re no beach bums, but we heard surfers love it as well! It’s possible to order the Keyless Entry Keypad with a new vehicle, or to add one (or up to 8) later. After using the keypad on our Ford Transit for two years, we’re adding a second one on the passenger-side for more convenience. Here is how to install and program it!

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How To Program RF Keypad:

How to program additional Keyless Entry RF Keypad(s)

1- Make sure to have ALL the remote devices (RF keypad, IKT and FOB):

Ford RF Keypad FOB IKT

If missing, any remote device will not work after the programmation.

2- Unlock the vehicle:


3- Turn ignition from OFF to RUN (not start) 4 times within six seconds, ending at OFF:


The system will chime to confirm you entered program mode. Some vehicles may require 8 times instead of 4.

4- Press any key of a FOB or IKT within 10 seconds of the previous step:

The system will chime to confirm the FOB or IKT has been programmed. Repeat this step to program other FOB and IKT.

5- Press 7/8 & 9/0 button simultaneously of a RF Keypad within 10 seconds of the previous step:

RF Keypad Ford programmation

The system will chime to confirm the RF Keypad has been programmed. Repeat this step to program other RF Keypads.

6- Turn ignition to RUN.


The system will exit program mode.

How To Change the Code on the RF Keyless Entry Keypad

1- Enter the factory code (as indicated on your code card):


2- Press and hold 1/2 button for 1 second, within 5 seconds of the previous step:

The 9/0 button will flash twice to indicate that the RF Keypad is in programming mode.

RF Keypad Ford programmation 1_2

3- Enter your desired personal 5-digit code, within 5 seconds of the previous step:

Each digit must be entered within 5 seconds of the previous digit.

RF Keyless Entry Keypad Ford Unlock

The vehicle doors will unlock-lock-unlock to confirm that your personal code has been programmed to the keypad and the 9/0 button will flash twice to confirm that the keypad has exited programming mode.

How To Install the RF Keyless Entry Keypad on Your Ford Vehicle

1- Clean the surface with the provided wipe:


For proper adhesion, the mounting surface should be at least 60°F (15°C).

2- Pull the tape tabs off the keypad tape:


3- Press onto the door surface:


How To Use the Ford RF Keyless Entry Keypad

1- To unlock, enter your 5-digit code:

RF Keyless Entry Keypad Ford Unlock

Each digit must be pressed within five seconds of each other.

2- To lock all doors, press 7/8 and 9/0 buttons simultaneously:

RF Keypad Ford programmation

That's it, you're good to go!


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6 thoughts on “Ford Keyless Entry KEYPAD: How To Add & Program a New Keypad”

  1. Great instructions on how to install the keypad, well done. I have had mine for over a year now and just over the last month it has stopped working and the lights don’t light up when you hit a button. I think the battery is dead.

    Any idea how to change the battery without ripping off the adhesive? Or do you think I will need to buy a whole new unit?

    Thanks for your help

  2. Thanks for this document … I would have never known about Keyless Entry option.

    I was following the documentation above and couldn’t get the keyless entry to work. Want was missing was the step for setting the communication type that was in the ford service pdf. One I set the communication type everything work. Suggest updating the document for those of us that like reading minimal documentation to get something to work.

  3. The first place we go when coming back from a ride or a ski is the back door. That’s where I’ld put a key pad.

    Also, my real worry when traveling is leaving the keys in the van and being accidentally locked out. That would be really bad, especially on a back road somewhere.


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