June 6, 2016

It’s ours.

Today, we finally took possession of the van.

FarOutVan Very FIrst Start

Mixed feelings

Of course we’re very excited!

…but at the same time, we feel like it’s the van that took possession of us. Summer has just started and we already live on the adrenaline rush that mountain biking fuel us with. Every day count, every ride count. Happiness is outside, in the trails.

  • mountain bike Vallée Bras du Nord
    Getting out there
  • dh bike camping beer

How to create a time-warp: grab your mountain-bike, get out-there, find the perfect line, share the moment with your friends.

We have a goal, though. So let’s get this done!

We took advantage of the 2016 rainy winter to plan everything well in advance. We documented our “long term” conversion planning here. That’s our first steps into the camper-van conversion world: components selection, decisions justification, reading notes and so on. To help us with the van layout, we produced a 3D CAD model that can be visualized and manipulated here.

Ford Transit Virtual Butter 3D Model

According to our Cost and Labor analysis, we need 325 man-hours to get done with the conversion. That’s probably optimistic, so let’s say 400 man-hours (still optimistic but what the heck) over 6 months (before winter) that gives us 67 hours per month. With work and mountain biking, it’s unlikely that we can spend that much time on the van… so the project might extend up to early 2017.

Cost and Labor

There is a logical sequence for the conversion: for example the awning must be installed before the insulation (for access); electrical wires after the insulation; and so on. We set up a plan to ensure we do everything in the right order and also to make sure we have all the products in hand when it’s time to do a specific task. We don’t want any delay.

We have a plan, we have a van: it’s time to build!

The build will be documented in our Build Journal.


  1. Comment by Marc-Antoine Ricard

    Marc-Antoine Ricard Reply June 11, 2016 at 7:28 pm

    Félicitation pour ton van. Est-ce que c’est les pneus d’origine? Ils semblent plus agressifs que ceux que j’ai vue au concessionnaire.

    • Comment by admin

      admin Reply June 11, 2016 at 8:35 pm

      On doit encore se pincer pour se convaincre que c’est vrai!

      On a pas perdu de temps: on a changé les pneus avant même de prendre livraison de la van. On a choisi des BFG KO2 225/75/R16 parce que ce sont des bons pneus agressifs, tout-de-même silencieux ET approuvé pour l’hiver. Très content jusqu’à maintenant! Combiné au Limited Slip, on est confiant que ça va passer à peu près partout 🙂

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