Cabbunk Kids Bunk Bed for Van/RV (Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster)

Cabbunk Kids Bunk Bed for Van/RV (Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster)

Cabbunk Bunk Bed for Van RV Motorhome (Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster)

Our campervan layout is designed for 2 adults, but we’re often asked for a solution to sleep family with kids. Our experience building a van and living in a van has taught us that EVERY decision is a compromise… So adding more beds will inevitably reduce the living space, right? Well, there’s always a clever way to make things, and the Cabbunk bunk bed system is a pretty neat way of optimizing space by adding child beds to the cabin of a campervan/RV/motorhome. On top of that it’s modular, does not require a permanent installation (no drill, no build), can be installed to a completed conversion, and fits the Transit/Sprinter/ProMaster vans (with swivel seats). Keep reading to learn more!

1. Cabbunk Bunk Bed In A Nutshell

The Cabbunk system allows to easily and quickly add “hammock-style” bunk beds for kids to a van/RV/motorhome. It occupies the cabin, leaving the precious cargo space for living areas (kitchen, shower, etc.). It requires driver/passenger swivel seats, but does not require a permanent installation (no-drill) making it ideal for vans at any build stage (no-build, unfinished build or fully converted). It’s installed/removed in seconds, it’s light weight and compact, so it’s perfect for occasional uses (e.g. grandparents) or seasonal uses (family getaways).

Cabbunk Bunk Bed Overview (Ford Transit Van)
Twin Cabbunk tryout in our 2021 Ford Transit
Cabbunk Bunk Bed Overview (Motorhome)
Twin Cabbunk in motorhome (credit:

Cabbunk models Available for the Transit/Sprinter/ProMaster vans:

Single Cabbunk
Cabbunk Twin
Twin Cabbunk
Cabbunk Distributor (USA & Canada):
the-swivel-shop_logo (Scopema Swivel Seat for Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster)

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2. Compatibility

2.1. Van

Cabbunk bunk beds (twin or single) are compatible with the Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, and Ram ProMaster vans (for more compatibility with vans go to Here is a good starting point on choosing a van:

Choosing A Van
Transit vs Sprinter Van vs ProMaster

2.2. Swivel Seats

Cabbunk requires to have both driver/passenger swivel seats installed. We tried a bunch of different swivels and our favorite, by far, were the Scopema Swivels:

2.3. “No-Build” vs Fully Converted Van

Cabbunk is compatible with both empty or fully converted van/RV/motorhome. That being said, after testing a Cabbunk in our Ford Transit, we think it might not be compatible 100% of the time, depending on how the cabin is finished.

For example, in our test, the Cabbunk pole is pretty close to the sliding door handle and bumper. Finishing the cabin with thick material might bring the pole more rearward and potentially clash with the sliding door bumper/handle (highlighted by arrows below):

Cabbunk Potential Issues in Ford Transit
(click to enlarge)
(click to enlarge)

That being said, it’s probably possible to mitigate this issue with a touch of DIYer’s creativity and ingenuity 😉

3. Specifications

  • Weight (empty): 16 lbs
  • Material: Aluminum, Fabric, Plastic
  • Maximum Weight: 155 lbs (per bed)
  • Dimensions:
Dimensions (In-Use)
Cabbunk Bed Twin Dimensions

Dimensions (Storage)

Cabbunk Storage Dimensions in Van

4. Installation

4.1. Rotate both the driver & passenger seats:

Cabbunk Bunk Bed - How To Install - 1 (Swivel Seats)

4.2. Slide both the driver & passenger seats towards the back:

Cabbunk Bunk Bed - How To Install - 2 (Slide Towards Back)

4.3. Unfold the Cabbunk:

Cabbunk Bunk Bed - How To Install - 3 (Unroll)

4.4. Place the Cabbunk over the seats (the poles go over and behind the seats. See next photo for clarification):

Cabbunk Bunk Bed - How To Install - 4 (Unroll 2)
Cabbunk Bunk Bed - How To Install - 4 (Unroll 3)
Behind the scene (notice how the large strap goes over the headrest)

4.5. Install the vertical aluminum mounts on the driver/passenger sides:

Cabbunk Bunk Bed - How To Install - 5 (Aluminum Mounts)

4.6. Extend the poles of the upper/lower bed through the brackets:

Cabbunk Bunk Bed - How To Install - 6 (Extend Poles)

Adjustments for First-Time Install Only

The aluminum mounts height can be adjusted via this screw:

Cabbunk Bunk Bed - How To Install - 7 (Adjust Height)

The lower/upper bed height can be adjusted via this screw:

Cabbunk Bunk Bed - How To Install - 8 (Bracket Height)

Peel off Velcro back adhesive and press against the van structure:

Cabbunk Bunk Bed - How To Install - 9 (Velcro)
The Velcro does NOT play a structural role; it’s only there to prevent the aluminum mount from falling off during installation 🙂

4.7. Adjust the upper/lower bed tension using the seat slider and/or incline:

Cabbunk Bunk Bed - How To Install- 10 (Adjust Tension)
Cabbunk Bunk Bed - How To Install -11(Tension-Warning)
photo credit:

That’s pretty much it! The bunk beds are ready for use 🙂

Cabbunk Bunk Bed for Van RV Motorhome (Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster)

And here’s a video of the installation process:

5. Removal

Removal is super straightforward, it takes just a few seconds and it’s back in the storage bag 🙂

6. Our Humble Opinion


Overall we think it’s a great product, we like that a simple design fulfill the function so well. The aesthetics is where we’d like to see some improvements: the fabric is well made, no complains here. But the hardware (brackets, pole ends, etc.) looks like it was procured from the hardware store; a little too “DIY” looking for a product with a high price tag. Interestingly, the hardware in the official Cabbunk’s installation video (above) is looking much better than the hardware we got… Maybe we got a previous version, or the supply chain is to blame again?

We noticed that the pole ends of the lower bed are laying against the driver/passenger doors; this could potentially leave some scratches, and it could also prevent from adjusting the bed any lower. A solution could be to shorten the pole…

Cabbunk Potential for Scratch
The pole ends of the lower bed could potentially leave some scratches


After the initial learning curve (just a few uses), the installation process is straightforward and easy enough to adopt this as a long term solution, we think.


We’re getting old, so the Cabbunk is not something we would use ourselves. The maximum allowable weight and size wouldn’t allow it anyway. That being said kids love that kind of setup, so if you have real word experience with the Cabbunk, please leave your feedback in the comment below! We’re especially interested of hearing about the comfort aspect. Thanks for contributing 🙂

7. Resources

Manufacturer (UK)
Distributor (USA & Canada)
the-swivel-shop_logo (Scopema Swivel Seat for Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster)

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