Tales From The Road: Winter 2020/2021

Winter 2020-2021 Tales From The Road (feeling small)

Tales From The Road: Winter 2020/2021


That’s how we would describe our first winter in the van (2017/2018). Wherever the storm was, we would go for it! As much as we had fun doing this, the truth is that involves A LOT of driving; and we’d rather be riding than driving… On top of that, backcountry skiing is very different than mountain biking. Exploring new mountain biking zones is easy enough: open Trailforks and follow the trail! For backcountry skiing, it generally gets better the more you know the area. And it’s safer as well because you know the history of the snowpack and therefore, you can make smarter decisions.


That was the strategy for this winter! We decided to rent an apartment in Revelstoke and wait for the storms to come to us. With a world-class resort (Revelstoke Resort) at less than 10 minute drive and world-class backcountry area (Rogers Pass) at 45 minute drive, in retrospective, it was an excellent idea! We loved it here. Here is how it went:

Winter 2020-2021 Tales From The Road (Van Parked Appartment)
Vanlife paused.

Swivel -> Suit Up -> RIDE! The feeling of putting our boots on with the heater blowing on our feet just doesn’t get old, we still LOVE IT after all these years! (see our swivel seat review here: faroutride.com/swivels-review)

Earn your turns.
Winter 2020-2021 Tales From The Road (isa sophie)
Winter 2020-2021 Tales From The Road (antoine climb)
Feeling small.
Winter 2020-2021 Tales From The Road (feeling small)
At the top.
Leave your trace.
Winter 2020-2021 Tales From The Road (simon turn)
Winter 2020-2021 Tales From The Road (isa)
Winter 2020-2021 Tales From The Road (antoine deep turn)
2 planks.

I decided to give skiing a shot this winter. Turns out both snowboarding and skiing are fun in their own way! I think nothing beat the feeling of surfing on perfect powder, but skiing is more fun in “all-around” conditions.

40th Birthday.

It’s my 40th birthday today and to make sure I don’t get time to search for the meaning of life, I woke up super early, went on an all-day adventure, had just enough wine & cheese fondue to fusion with the couch. All of that with the person I love the most. I can’t think of a better way to spend the day!

Back to Vanlife.

It’s warming up, days are getting longer, and deep powder is getting scarce… It’s time to go back to #vanlife, get our bikes ready, and ride some dirt!


That's it for now!

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3 thoughts on “Tales From The Road: Winter 2020/2021”

  1. I recently discovered your blog and webpage. Thank you so much for providing such great insight into what the van life can look like

  2. Yes, knowing the weekly history of the ice is nice, anywhere. Here in Michigan, the kick wax on XC skis is lots easier if you know what worked yesterday.

    But now the snow is gone and the migrating birds are starting to come thru. Buffleheads, canvasbacks, red headed ducks, and other creatures we see but once a year.

    Wondering, did you winterize your water system or just leave the van heat at 2C? And did you get a nice deal like last spring on your rental, or were you caught at resort “winter” prices?


    • We didn’t heat the van, so we did completely drain our water system: tank, pump, accumulator, water heater, etc. Now it’s back on and all is good 🙂

      We paid full tourist price for our apt, but we were downtown and REALLY enjoyed staying there, so no regrets!

      Happy spring!


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