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Lug Nut Covers for AWD Ford Transit Wheels (.STL file for 3D print)


Lug nut covers for the AWD Ford Transit. Fit the Method Racing Wheels MR701/MR703 with factory lug nuts (re-using the factory lug nuts).

This is a digital download (no physical part) for 3D printing.

What you get

This is a digital download only (no physical parts). It includes the 3D model file (.stl) required to 3D print the lug nut covers (keep reading to learn how).


The lug nut covers will only fit the AWD Ford Transit factory lug nuts paired with the Method Race Wheels MR701/MR703. These will NOT fit on the RWD Transit, because the lug nuts are different!

These are the aftermarket wheels we personally have on our 2021 AWD Transit (and therefore why we designed these 3D printed lug nuts!), you can learn more about this upgrade here:

Ford Transit AFtermarket Wheel Upgrade
Ford Transit Wheels Aftermarket Upgrade Heading


Print At Home

  • High Temperature Resistant Material: We like this PC/PETG blend (Buy on Amazon), because it resists to temperature up to 110°C. PETG (Buy on Amazon) resists to temperature up to ~70°C, it might work as well. Printed on the Prusa MK3 textured powder coated steel sheet (for a nice textured surface finish). Settings for the PC/PETG blend:
    • Bed Temperature: 100°C.
    • Nozzle Temperature: 250°C first layer, 235°C other layers.
    • No cooling.
  • Layer height: 0.30mm layer height (or finer) with 0.6mm nozzle.
  • Infill/Perimeters: 25% infill, 2 perimeters.
  • Approximate Print Time (each cover): 24 minutes (with the parameters above).
  • Print orientation:
Lug covers still warm, freshly printed!
Lug Nut Covers on 3D Printer Bed Transit
(lower-left cover was flipped for the photo…)

On-Demand 3D Printing Service

No 3D printer? That’s OK, you can use an on-demand 3D printing service. Here is how you can get an instant free quote and proceed to have it shipped to your door:

  1. Go to and upload the .stl file –> Click on “See Materials & Prices”.
  2. Scroll down to “PETG” –> Click “Select Material”.
  3. Under “Standard” finish, select “20% infill” –> Click “Select Finish” to confirm.
  4. Find the color of your choice (some colors cost more, be careful) –> Click “See Offers”.
  5. Scroll down to compare to price & shipping options –> Click “Add to Cart”.

In the USA, expect to pay between $30-$50 for the whole set (24 covers). In Canada, there are less offers so the price is steeper…


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Lug Nut Cover AWD Transit with Method MR701-MR703-(up)
Lug Nut Covers for AWD Ford Transit Wheels (.STL file for 3D print)