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Ford Transit Rear Door Exit Handle Kit (36″ to 64″ Above Floor)

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This kit provides an additional exit handle to the rear door of your Ford Transit 36″ to 64″ above the floor. This restores the ability to open the rear doors from an elevated platform bed setup for your safety and convenience. Installs in 30 minutes or less with the preinstalled self-adhesive pad, no screws required!

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Campervans with elevated platform bed and garage underneath is a very popular configuration (we love ours!), but access to the factory exit handle(s) is lost (because factory handle(s) are too low) and it’s then impossible to open the rear doors from the platform bed.

This kit adds an extra handle to the rear door latch mechanism and enables to open the door from above the platform bed for your safety/convenience. The entire mechanism lives inside the door structure, so only the handle is visible. It’s an important yet low-key modification:

Back Door Handle Installed Final Result (Before Van Conversion)
Before Campervan Conversion
Back Door Handle Installed Final Result (Camper Van Conversion Completed)
After Campervan Conversion (in this photo: Mosquito Screens, Sirocco Fan, Storage Cubbies and Platform Bed)

Included In This Kit

This kit includes all the parts/hardware required for the installation:

  • 1 x Handle Assembly (with pre-installed self-adhesive VHB pad*).
  • 1 x Galvanized Steel Cable (90in/2.3m)
  • 1 x Cable Housing (72in/1.85m).
  • 1 x Cable Housing Retainer.
  • 2 x Aluminum Cable Stop Sleeve.
  • 1 x Aluminum Cable End Cap.
  • 1 x Drill Guide.

* Recommended for metal surface only. The VHB tape will most likely not hold on other surfaces such as wood, plastic, fabric, etc.

Ford Transit Exit Handle Installation Kit (Included Parts)

Tools Needed


The ideal temperature range to perform this installation is between 50°F to 85°F (10°C to 30°C):

  1. If it’s too hot, damage could occur to the “black goo” around the dust/weather protective sheet (Step 2). We found that at high temperature the goo becomes soft and doesn’t maintain its integrity.
  2. To ensure a good adhesion of the VHB tape (Step 7). Do not install under 50°F (10°C) because the tape becomes too firm to adhere readily.

1. Remove the plastic panel on the passenger-side Rear door

The plastic panel is held by push-pins around its edges. Pull hard all around the edges to disengage them (don’t be shy, this will not damage them!). You can start with a plastic scraper to make it easier.

Handle Installation-1 (Remove Plastic Panel)
Handle Installation-1 (Plastic Panel Push Pins)
Push pins at the back of the panel

2. Partially remove the dust/weather protection sheet

The dust/weather sheet is held with a thick bead of black gunk around its edges. Slowly pull it away from the door to partially remove it (try to keep it free from dust and grease so it stays sticky for reinstallation):

Handle Installation (Remove Dust Protection Sheet)
Handle Installation (Black Goo Dust Protection Sheet)

3. Install the cable housing retainer

Slide and clip the cable housing retainer into the circular cutout (from behind):
* Be careful not to drop the retainer into the door! 🙂

Cable Housing Retainer Install
Cable Housing Retainer Install-2

4. Drill a hole in the Latch handle

Prepare the latch handle to receive the steel cable by drilling a small 5/64″ hole into it. The ideal location of the hole is ~17mm from the front of the handle; this is to ensure that the steel cable is routed behind and is not visible.

We included a small drill guide to help you locate and drill the 5/64″ hole at an angle:

Handle Installation-4 (Make Hole using Drill Guide)
Handle Installation-4 (Hole in Latch Mechanism)

5. Install the cable housing

Route the cable housing from top to bottom and take advantage of the natural curves in the housing to guide it towards the door’s center cutout:
* Remove the handle and steel cable from the housing to make this a bit easier!

Handle Installation-5 (Cable Housing Routing)
Handle Installation-5 (Cable Housing Routing Bottom)

Route the housing towards the housing retainer with large smooth curves (sharp curves increase friction between the cable and the housing):

Ford Transit Exit Handle Installation (Cable Housing Routing)

6. Route the steel cable

Feed the steel cable into the housing from the top until it comes out at the other extremity (out of the retainer). Then route the cable from the retainer into the hole drilled previously:
* To make it easier, use a flashlight and look inside the door cutout. You can actually see the hole from there!

Feed the steel cable into the housing
Handle Installation-6 (Route Steel Cable Through Hole)
Handle Installation-6 (Steel Cable Through Hole Close-Up)

7. Install the Handle

  • Clean the surface of the door with Isopropyl alcool, let it dry 30-60 seconds.
  • Remove the release liner from the VHB tape and apply pressure for 5-10 seconds to create a strong bond.
  • Let the VHB tape cure for 20 minutes. You can continue the installation but don’t “test” the system (Step 8.5) before the VHB tape had at least 20 minutes to cure!
VHB Tape Cure Time

At room temperature approximately 50% of ultimate bond strength will be achieved after 20 minutes. 90% after 24 hours. And 100% after 72 hours.

Metal Surface Only

We cannot guarantee that the VHB tape will hold and last on any other surface than metal. Order this kit at your own risk (no refund) if you plan on using it to a surface other than metal (wood, plastic, fabric, etc.).

Cable Housing Relief

Before bonding the handle, ensure that the cable housing does not pull the handle away from the surface. Otherwise the bond will not last. To relief the force induced by the cable housing, located the handle further away from the cutout.

Handle Installation-8 (Peel Off Release Liner)
Install the handle with VHB Tape

8. steel cable Final Installation

8.1. Slide the aluminum stop sleeve into the steel cable and let it loose (do not crimp now):

Handle Installation-8 (Slide Sleeve In)

8.2. Make sure the cable housing is inserted INTO the handle and into the retainer, then pull on the steel cable. This forces the cable housing to fully sit into the handle and into the retainer, removing any slack/freeplay from the system.

Pull on the steel cable

8.3. Make sure the latch handle is fully at rest, keep pulling gently on the steel cable, then use long-nose pliers to crimp the aluminum stop sleeve temporary so it stays in place until its final crimp:

Ford Transit Exit Handle Installation (Crimp1)
Handle Installation-8 (Pre-Crimp Close-Up)

8.4. Fully depress the latch handle and pull the cable out to expose the aluminum stop sleeve. Now that we have a better grip, we can fully crimp the stop sleeve (use maximum force!):
* Alternatively you can use vise-grip pliers to make the crimp easier.

Ford Transit Exit Handle Installation (Crimp2)
Handle Installation-8 (Final Crimp Close-Up)
Handle Installation-8 (Aluminum Sleeve Crimped)

8.5. At this point the exit handle mechanism is operational. Test it and make sure it works as intended (only if the VHB tape had at least 20 minutes to cure)!

Ford Transit Exit Handle Installation (Test the System)

8.6 (optional). If there is too much freeplay to your liking, you can remove the aluminum stop sleeve and repeat steps 8.2. to 8.4. To remove the stop sleeve, use pliers and gently crimp it in the other direction (to make it round again) then use pliers to slide it out of the cable. Discard the old stop sleeve and use the 2nd one provided in the kit.

8.7. Depress the latch handle to expose the cable and use cutters to trim the cable (10mm after the stop sleeve). At last, use pliers to crimp the end cap.

Handle Installation-8 (Use cutters to cut the cable)
Use cutters to cut the cable
Handle Installation-8 (Use Pliers to Crimp End Cap)
Use pliers to crimp the end cap (or vise-grip pliers)
Handle Installation-8 (Final Result)
Looking good!

9. Reinstall the dust/weather sheet and the plastic panel

Handle Installation-9 (Reinstall Dust-Weather Sheet Protection)
Dust/weather protection sheet
Handle Installation-9 (Reinstall Plastic Panel)
Plastic Panel

10. You made it! Final Result:

Back Door Handle Installed Final Result (Before Van Conversion)


This raised handle kit is compatible with:

  • Ford Transit cargo vans (2015 -present).
  • Rear doors with metal surface. The 3M VHB tape will NOT adhere and stay on any other surface than metal (wood, plastic, etc.).

It may work with the following vans (with some DIY mods), but unfortunately we cannot confirm at the moment. We will update this section when we know for sure. You can try at your own risk (please no refund):

  • Ford Transit passenger vans.
  • Mercedes Sprinter vans.
  • Ram ProMaster vans.


  • Handle Assembly Dimensions: 1.65in x 1.65in x 1.0in (38mm x 38mm x 24mm).
  • Manufacturing:
    • Handle & Housing Retainer: 3D Printed.
    • Steel Cable & Housing: Bike Derailleur Hardware (available at any bike shop).
  • 3D Printed Material: Blend of Polycarbonate (50%), PETG (45%) & others (5%).
  • Temperature Resistance: Up to 230F (110°C).
Ford Transit Back Door Handle Specifications (Dimensions)

Cable Replacement

The steel cable (1.2mm shift cable available in any bike shop) can be replaced as follows:

1. Remove the 4 screws and the back cover:

Exit Handle Cable Replacement (Screws and back cover)

2. Remove the old cable and insert the new one:

Exit Handle Cable Replacement (Pull Old Cable, Push New Cable)

3. Reinstall the back cover and the 4 screws(don’t overtighten to damage the threads in plastic):

Exit Handle Cable Replacement (Removed Screws and Back Cover)

The cable housing is 4mm shift cable housing available at any bike shop.

Kit Removal

It’s possible to remove this kit completely without leaving any marks. To remove warm up the tape with a heat gun (or hair dryer), then firmly and slowly pull the tape away from the surface. Use your fingers to remove the bulk of remaining of the tape on the metal surface, then wipe away the residue with Isopropyl alcool. That’s it!

The only permanent mark will be inside the latch mechanism (the plastic thingy drilled during the installation), but the 5/64″ hole left behind is almost invisible to the eye.


  • Ships From:  British Columbia, Canada.
  • Carrier: Canada Post / USPS.
  • Cost: Actual carrier shipping rate calculated at checkout. You can combine other items from our Store to save on shipping.

wARRANTY, rETURNs & Refund

Warranty: If there is an issue with your handle (manufacturing defect, malfunction), we’ll be happy to send you another one free of charge! 🙂

Returns & Refund: You are responsible of shipping the product back to us (including the shipping fees associated with it) for the following reasons:

  • Ordered by mistake or if you changed your mind.
  • Incompatibility (see “Compatibility” section above).


Do It Yourself.

We couldn’t find a raised emergency/exit handle for the back doors of the Ford Transit, so we made one.

This is an homemade product.

Each kit is individually 3D printed and assembled by us. This is not a mass-produced product. This is a crafted, hand-made product.

Low Volume.

We created this product for our own needs, to make just a few units. There is no way for us to ramp up the production and lower the price, unless we take it to injection molding manufacturing but that’s a whole another level we’re not considering at the moment.

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Image #1 from Tom
Image #2 from Tom
Image #3 from Don Kane
Image #1 from Tom
5 out of 5


Another elegant solution to a nagging issue! Well engineered and executed. Easy installation process. And it works great!

Image #2 from Tom
5 out of 5


Another elegant solution to a nagging issue! Well engineered and executed. Easy installation process. And it works great!

Image #3 from Don Kane
5 out of 5

Don Kane

Hi A&I Interesting. I have always wondered about that. Rachels arm is skinny enuf that she could reach down to the opener. But the question I have is how do you unlock the door if it is locked. In our van, you can't unlock the door by opening it from the inside. So you need to use the unlock button on the key. Of course, I covered the lock anyway because I really couldn't figure out how to keep it. That might have been dumb. BTW, you can see our window for the bed in the picture. Works great.

Image #1 from Tom
Image #2 from Tom
Image #3 from Don Kane
1-10 of 12 reviews
  1. Awesome! Easy to install and perfect. Thanks for making this.

    • Glad the installation went smoothly!
      All the best,

  2. The product was very well made and following the directions on the website, went in easily. Well worth the money.

  3. fantastic product and easy to install

  4. Another elegant solution to a nagging issue! Well engineered and executed. Easy installation process. And it works great!

    Image #1 from Tom
    Image #2 from Tom
    • Thanks for reporting back and for the photos! Glad to see it in the wild 🙂

  5. Easy install and works great!

    • Thanks for the review, glad you like it! 🙂

  6. Yup – another 5 stars. We installed this with no issues and it works really well. So nice to be able to open the rear doors from the bed.

    • Thank you!

  7. It is a game changer. Thanks so much.

  8. Excited to install this

  9. We have a high mounted rear bed right up against the door and this knob made it so we can open the door from the bed if needed. Install was easy and clean. Great product

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Ford Transit Back Door Raised Handle Kit
Ford Transit Rear Door Exit Handle Kit (36″ to 64″ Above Floor)