Wiring Diagram & Tutorial for Camper Van: Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster, etc. (PDF)


Wiring Diagram & Tutorial for Camper Van: Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster, etc. (PDF)

Wiring Diagram Bundle:

Customizable High-Resolution PDF (Printable) with built-in calculator
1- Wiring Diagram (PDF):
Customize each component to your needs (solar, alternator, shore, inverter, monitor) and the breakers/fuses will be sized automatically.
Wire gauge (AWG) is automatically calculated from selected components and custom wire lengths. No need to use an external calculator!
Customize 12V loads to your needs (image, name, fuse, wire length) and automatically calculate the wire gauge (AWG).
Automatically calculate the total wires length and the quantity of terminals to purchase.
The wiring diagram is part of our design workflow; it doesn't get any easier than this!
Electrical Design Workflow (Wiring Diagram)
Video Preview:
2- Tutorial (pdf):
Detailed breakdown on how to use our interactive wiring diagram and how to assemble all items together to build a functional electrical system.
More information about: grounding your system, breaker polarity, components terminal size, limitations, etc.
  1. Is this wiring diagram suitable for me?
    • Our wiring diagram is optimized for off-the-grid Vanlife (full-time/part-time) with occasional shore power usage. This means simplicity, autonomy and efficiency are a priority.
  2. What are the limitations?
    • Do NOT install inverter over 2000W per this diagram, as components are not rated for such high current (bus bars, switch, main fuse, etc.)
    • Because our design is intended for off-the-grid usage, there is no transfer switch (a transfer switch allows to bypass the inverter and power high-current devices directly from shore power). So if you plan on running A/C and spending most of your time hooked-up (serviced campground), this diagram might not be the best fit for your needs.
  3. I cannot use the PDF, why?
    • Make sure to open the PDF with Acrobat Reader (it won’t work with a preview app such as Apple Preview), it’s free: get.adobe.com/reader.
    • Make sure that JavaScript is enabled in Acrobat Reader: Edit > Preferences > JavaScript > Enable Acrobat JavaScript.


This download includes two PDF (Diagram & Tutorial)

Hang on! You might want...


The Builder's Package

Includes all our diagrams and tutorials!



This package includes:

  • Wiring Diagram & Tutorial
  • Water Diagram & Tutorial
  • Propane Diagram
  • Floor Plan


What's in it for you:
  • Save hundreds of hours when used in conjunction with our DIY Calculator & Maker (yep, we mean it!).
  • Skip the “please review my diagram” on online forums or Facebook groups.
  • Our wiring diagram is designed with flexibility in mind. Any sub-system can be deleted (monitor, inverter, solar, alternator, shore) or added later.
  • Keep a copy at all time in your van so you, or someone else, can refer to it if anything happen.
  • With over 2,500 downloads, it’s safe to say it’s a tried-and-true design! Build your system with confidence.
What's in it for us:
  • Buying this diagram is the best way for you to say thanks for sharing our work and to help us stay on the road for longer! 🙂
What's in it for y'all:
  • We give back 10% of the store proceeds to the trails and POW!

Thanks for your support and for keeping the dream alive!

If you're new to this, start with our Electrical System Design Guide:
Electrical System Design Guide


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