7 Camper Van Conversion Companies to Find Van Life Ideas

7 Camper Van Conversion Companies to Find Van Life Ideas

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Camper van conversion companies recently popped all over the place with the recent surge of Van Life popularity. If you’re in search of ideas to build your own DIY camper van conversion, looking at what pro companies are doing is a great way to find inspiration. To help you get started, here is a list of 7 camper van conversion companies we think are worth lurking onto their website’s gallery. Good luck finding inspiration!

1- Outside Van

Outside Van has been in the business since 2007, and they definitely were an inspiration when we planned for our own DIY Ford Transit camper van. They set themselves apart from the other camper van conversion companies with their higher-end, minimalist yet extremely fine interiors built from Sprinter vans. If you’re looking to convert a van for Van Life, but still need the van as a work-van or a toy-hauler, then we recommend looking into Outside Van’s gallery.

2- Freedom Vans

In our opinion, of most van conversion companies, Freedom Vans has the most gorgeous interiors made out of wood. We personally visited their workshop in Bellingham WA, and there’s no doubt they have wood at heart and are well equipped to make pretty much anything. They convert camper vans out of most popular platforms: Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter and Ram ProMaster. If you’re looking for camper van interior that’s made out of wood, we definitely recommend lurking onto Freedom Vans Project Page!

Credit: Freedom Vans
Credit: Freedom Vans

3- Nomad Vanz

Nomad Vanz has a refreshing approach to camper van design; we really like the colors and the bright interiors. The van conversion company is located in beautiful Vancouver BC (Canada) and they use the Mercedes Sprinter as their base model. Check out Nomad Vanz Gallery to find out-of-the-box ideas! There is also a dedicated section to van conversions using Adventure Wagon products.

Credit: Nomad Vanz
Credit: Nomad Vanz

4- Norva

We live full time in our self-built Ford Transit camper van, so we tend to associate Van Life to camper vans. But let’s not forget the adventure vans! Indeed, for some people, Van Life means hitting the road for shorter period of time with their favorite adventure gear (moto, bikes, climbing gear, etc). Norva is an excellent exemple of fine adventure vans, with interior designs that focus on primarily on modularity, durability and functionality. We personally visited their shop and we were quite impressed with their work! Check out their Projects page to find inspiration for your next adventure van.

Credit: Norva
Van-Conversion-Companies (Norva)
Credit: Norva

5- Pura Vida Vans

Located in beautiful Squamish (British Columbia), Pura Vida Vans offers custom full builds, partial conversions, as well as a range of services. They operate just next door of Stoked Adventure Outfitters and some of their van conversions feature their roof racks, ladders, brush guards, etc. Pura Vida Van’s Builds page is quite extensive; check it out to find some inspiration!

6- OVERLAND Van pROject

Building a camper van often involves a lot of compromises, especially when trying to fit four people. Overland Van Project is a van conversion company that offers great ideas for the adventurous family, including all amenities. Go check out their Kick-Ass Vans to find ideas for your DIY camper van conversion project!

7- Van Life Customs

Customized Ford Transit, Ram Promaster, and Mercedes Sprinter camper van conversions. Van Life Customs builds vans for mountain biker, climber, hiker, digital nomad, full-time traveler, or weekend warrior, so their gallery features a wide range of interior designs and layouts. Definitely a good source of inspiration!

What’s next?

Finding the perfect interior layout for your DIY camper van conversion is super exciting, you’ll probably find yourself spending countless hours lurking onto van conversion companies website and Instagram… trust us, we’ve been there! When you have a pretty good idea of what you need and you’re ready to take action, we recommend heading over our Van Build page. Here is a sample of what you’ll find:

  • Build Journal: we obsessively documented our entire van conversion process! Material, tools, techniques, step-by-step, lessons learned, etc.
  • Diagrams: electrical, water, propane, etc.
  • Cost and labor.
  • Learning and Knowledge: in-depth, fact-based guides to build your knowledge and make informed decisions.
  • And more!
Check out our Van Build page!

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  1. Love your site- my husband and I are both musicians and need a garage space for a Hammond B3 Organ and a drum set. We plan to live and travel and work in this van. I’ve never converted a van myself, and could use help in the planning and conversion of it- it would be unique to the other vans you have offered, as the B3 organ has particular loading and unloading needs. Desperate to find a company that has interest in meeting our unique needs. – Kim and Ken Clark

  2. Love the solid wall behind the bed on the Freedom Vans. Boy, that would cut the instant heat loss in the van when you open the rear doors in the winter. Plus uses that lost 9 inches of air in the back of the van for extra outside storage.
    Might try that…


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