Sprinter Camper Van: DIY Build Resources

Mercedes Sprinter Van

Sprinter Camper Van: DIY Build Resources

This page gathers useful information related to the Mercedes Sprinter Van aimed at the DIY campervan builders in mind. Although we personally converted a Ford Transit Van, there are a lot of similitudes between any platform (Transit, ProMaster, Sprinter, Nissan NV) and most of what you'll find on our website is applicable to any camper build, really. So below you'll find data specific to the conversion of Sprinter camper van, hope that helps!


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1- Sprinter Van Overview

Mercedes Sprinter Van Side View
Mercedes Sprinter Van Rear View

1.1- Build & Price






1.2- Exterior Dimensions

1.3- Interior Cargo Dimensions

To build a DIY campervan is one thing; to maximize the livable space is the real challenge! Here is your starting point (interior cargo dimensions) if going for a Sprinter Van:

Standard Length (144WB),
Low Roof:

Long Length (170WB),
High Roof:

Extended Length (170WB), High Roof:

1.4- Repair And Maintenance

Opinions toward the Mercedes Sprinter are very polarized. You get a high-end vehicle from a high-end brand, it's all good right? Well, it's a bit more complicated than that. The saying "more features = more potential for failure" seems to hold true for the Sprinter. And once you run into issues, you get high-end bills as well...

Sprinter Van Annual Repair Cost

$ 1,778 USD

Ford Transit Annual Repair Cost
$ 866 USD
ProMaster Annual Repair Cost
$ 859 USD

1.5- Manuals

Online discussion forums and Facebook groups are great resources, but not that much... there is a lot of misinformation in those. Why not check your facts straight from the owner's manual or from the Body and Equipment Guideline (BEG)? You'll find answers to most of your questions, from a credible source! Indeed, no one knows the product better than the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). "How-To Tap for Auxiliary Power?", "Where are the no-drill zones?", etc: it's all in there. Download the PDF files and use the "SEARCH" function:

Sprinter Van Owner's Manual
Sprinter Van Owner Manual
Sprinter Van Body and Equipment Guideline (BEG)
Sprinter Body And Equipment Guideline (BEG)

1.6- Sprinter VS Transit VS ProMaster VS Nissan

Sprinter, Transit, ProMaster, Nissan... not sure which van is the best for a campervan conversion? We gathered some data about each model to help you make up your mind: overview, build & price, exterior dimensions, interior dimensions, repair cost, etc. This way:

2- Tires for Sprinter Van

The 2500 Sprinter Van comes equipped with 245/75R16 tires, but most folks looking to go off the beaten track (like us) choose to upgrade the factory tires for BFGoodrich KO2 245/75R16 All-Terrain tires. We've been running them on our van since 2016 and we're not looking back (our first set last 45K miles, we are currently on our second set):

BFGoodrich KO2 LT245/75R16 E Tires
Our BFGoodrich KO2 Tires Review

3- Electrical Wiring Diagram for Sprinter Camper van

We designed our electrical system with flexibility in mind. It can be downsized (e.g. no shore power, no alternator charging, no 120V, etc.) or up-sized (more solar, more battery bank, etc.). We also made sure it can fit in pretty much any vehicle (Transit, ProMaster, Sprinter, Skoolie, etc.). The only difference is most likely how to tap for auxiliary power (alternator charging): check out section 3.4 below for Sprinter's specific information.

3.1- Wiring Diagram

hover your cursor (desktop) or tap (phone/tablet) on each component to learn more.

3.2- Items List

#ItemDescriptionQuantityView on Amazon
1Terminal Fuse Block with Fuse 250ABlue Sea (Catastrophic Fail Safe. Connects directly to battery post.)1View
2System SwitchBlue Sea (Main System Switch)1View
3Bus Bar (250A, 4 studs)Blue Sea2View
4Cover for Bus Bar (for 250A 4 studs)Protect the Bus Bar2View
540A Breaker/Switch, Surface MountBetween Fuse Block and Bus Bar1View
6Fuse Block (12 circuits)Blue Sea (12V Distribution Panel)1View
7Fuses KitAssorted Fuses (2A 3A 5A 7.5A 10A 15A 20A 25A 30A 35A)1View
8Battery MonitorVictron BMV-712 with BlueTooth1View
9Cable, 2/0 AWG, 5 ft RedBetween battery and Bus Bar1View
10Cable, 2/0 AWG, 15 ft BlackBetween battery and Bus Bar + Ground1View
12Lugs, 2/0 AWG Cable, 5/16″ RingConnect to Bus Bar, Terminal Fuse Block and Battery (Pack of 5)1View
11Lugs, 2/0 AWG Cable, 3/8″ RingConnect to System Switch and Shunt (Pack of 5)1View
13Cable, 8 AWG, 5 ft Black + 5 ft RedBetween Bus Bar and Fuse Block1View
14Heat Shrink Terminal Ring, 8 AWG Cable, #10 RingConnect to Fuse Block (Pack of 3)1View
15Heat Shrink Terminal Ring, 8 AWG Cable, 1/4″ RingConnect to Breaker (Pack of 3)1View
16Heat Shrink Terminal Ring, 8 AWG Cable, 5/16″ RingConnect to Bus Bar (Pack of 3)1View
1LiFePO4 200 AhBattle Born LiFePO4 100 Ah 12V2View
22/0 AWG Cable in 5/16″ lugs, 1 feet Red + 1 feet BlackWindy Nation Copper Cable1View
1350W SolarNewPowa 175W Mono Panel2View
2Extension Cables, 8 AWG, 15 ft Red + 15 ft BlackWith MC4 Connectors1View
3Double Cable Entry GlandFor 8 AWG or 10 AWG Cable1View
440A Breaker/Switch, Surface MountBetween Panels and MPPT Charger1View
5MPPT Solar ChargerVictron 100|30 SmartSolar MPPT1View
640A Breaker/Switch, Surface MountBetween MPPT Charger & Battery1View
7Heat Shrink Terminal Ring, 8 AWG Cable, 1/4″ RingConnect to Breakers (Pack of 3)2View
8Heat Shrink Terminal Ring, 8 AWG Cable, 5/16″ RingConnect to Bus Bar (Pack of 3)1View
160A Battery-to-Battery Charger (B2B)Sterling Power BB12601View
2100A Breaker/Switch, Surface MountBlue Sea 285-Series2View
3Cable, 4 AWG, 15ft RedWindyNation1View
4Cable, 4 AWG, 5 ft BlackWindyNation1View
5Lugs, 4 AWG Cable, 1/4″ RingConnect to Breakers (Pack of 10)1View
6Lugs, 4 AWG Cable, 5/16″ RingConnect to Bus Bar (Pack of 2)1View
150A ChargerSamlex SEC-1250UL 12V1View
260A Breaker/Switch, Surface MountBetween Charger and Bus Bar1View
3Cable, 8 AWG, 5 ft Black + 5 ft RedWindyNation1View
4Heat Shrink Terminal Ring, 8 AWG Cable, 1/4″ RingConnect to Breaker (Pack of 3)1View
5Heat Shrink Terminal Ring, 8 AWG Cable, 5/16″ RingConnect to Bus Bar (Pack of 3)1View
11000W InverterSamlex PST-1000-12 PST Pure Sine1View
2Remote Control for InverterSamlex RC-15A for 600W/1000W Inverter1View
3Terminal Fuse Block with Fuse 175ABlue Sea (Connects directly on the Bus Bar. To protect inverter’s cable.)1View
4Cable, 2 AWG, 5 ft Black + 5 ft RedWindyNation1View
5Lugs, 2 AWG Cable, 5/16″ RingConnect to Terminal Fuse Block and Bus Bar (Pack of 10)1View

Optional Items

1120V AC GFCI OutletGFCI, 20A View
2Power Cord with open end12AWG, 10 feet View
18 AWG Black/Red Duplex Cable (8/2), Ancor Marine Grade100 feet1View
210 AWG Black/Red Duplex Cable (10/2), Ancor Marine Grade100 feet1View
312 AWG Black/Red Duplex Cable (12/2), Ancor Marine Grade100 feet1View
414 AWG Black/Red Duplex Cable (14/2), Ancor Marine Grade100 feet1View
516 AWG Black/Red Duplex Cable (16/2), Ancor Marine Grade100 feet1View
6Heat Shrink Terminal Ring, 8 AWG Cable, #10 RingTo connect to Fuse Block (25 Pack)1View
7Heat Shrink Terminal Ring, 10-12 AWG Cable, #8 RingTo connect to Fuse Block (25 Pack)1View
8Heat Shrink Terminal Ring, 14-16 AWG Cable, #8 RingTo connect to Fuse Block (25 Pack)1View
9Heat Shrink Butt Connector, Ancor MarineTo connect to Loads (75 Pack Kit)1View
10Heat Shrink Disconnect, 10-12 AWG Cable, 1/4″ Tab, Female
To connect to certain loads (i.e. 12V Sockets) , to make “removable” connections (i.e. Fridge, LEDs) and to connect cable of different gauge together (i.e. LED Dimmer) (25 Pack)
11Heat Shrink Disconnect, 10-12 AWG Cable, 1/4″ Tab, Male1View
12Heat Shrink Disconnect, 14-16 AWG Cable, 1/4″ Tab, Female1View
13Heat Shrink Disconnect, 14-16 AWG Cable, 1/4″ Tab, Male1View
14Heat Shrink Disconnect, 18-22 AWG Cable, 1/4″ Tab, Male1View
153M Scotchlok Quick Splice with Gel (14 AWG stranded)We used that to parallel our LED lights (25 Pack)1View
16Heat Shrink Tubing Kit (with adhesive)To protect lug after crimping1View
17Split Loom Tubing, 3/8″ diameter 25 feetTo protect wire bundles1View
18Split Loom Tubing, 1/2″ diameter 25 feetTo protect wire bundles1View
19Split Loom Tubing, 3/4″ diameter 10 feetTo protect wire bundles1View
20Nylon Cable Clamps KitTo secure cable/split-loom to wood1View
21Zip Tie Mount with AdhesiveTo secure cable/split-loom to metal1View
22Nylon Zip Ties KitTo secure cable/split-loom1View
23Rubber Grommet KitTo protect wire from sharp edge (going through metal hole)1View
12V Loads
1 Maxxair 6200K Roof Fan Fan Installation 1 Amazon
2 LED Ceiling Lights (Dimmable) 3 Amazon
3 PWM Dimmer for LED Lights, 12V, Slider 1 Amazon
4 Blue Sea 12V Socket Electrical System Guide 4 Amazon
5 Shurflo Revolution Water Pump, 3 GPM 1 Amazon
6 ON/OFF Switch for Water Pump 1 Amazon
7 Webasto Air Top 2000 STC Gasoline Heater Webasto Installation 1 Amazon
8 Propex HS2000 Propane Heater Propex Installation 1 Dealers
9 Novakool R5810 Fridge, 12V only Fridge Guide 1 Campervan-HQ
10 Sirocco ii Gimbal Fan, 12V Sirocco ii Installation / Review 1 Amazon
11 Nature’s Head Composting Toilet Toilet Installation 1 Amazon
12 Propane Solenoid Shutoff Valve 1 Amazon
13 ON/OFF Switch for Propane Solenoid 1 Amazon

3.3- Electrical System Design Guide

1- Calculate Your Power Usage
2- Size Your Items (Inverter, Battery, Solar, Alternator, Shore)
3- Make A Wiring Diagram
4- Make An Items List that fully defines your electrical system

3.4- Power Tapping

For current draw larger than 25A (B2B charger, fuse box, etc.), it is mandatory to use an auxiliary battery (option E2M or E21) and to connect as follows:

Sprinter Power Tapping Option 2 (page 1)
Sprinter Power Tapping Option 2 (page 2)
The pictures above are extracted from the Body and Equipment Guideline, page 246, 247 & 248. Make sure to read these pages for manufacturer recommendations and limitations:

4- Water Plumbing Diagram for Sprinter Camper van

Our water system is designed with simplicity in mind and it can be installed in a Sprinter Van: it's fairly easy to install and simple to winterize. It can also be used below freezing temperatures (e.g. for skiing) assuming all the plumbing is install on the hot side of the van (i.e. inside). Check out our Water System "Design Guide" for more.

4.1- Water Plumbing Diagram

4.2- Water System Design Guide

5- Propane Diagram for Sprinter Camper van

Once again, our propane system can be fitted in a Sprinter Campervan. The 20lbs (BBQ-style) is easy to fill anywhere and is located inside a vented locker (per marine regulations) for maximum safety. Neat!

5.1- Propane Diagram

5.2- Propane System Design Guide

Propane System Design Guide

6- Sprinter Camper van Build Guide

We obsessively documented our campervan conversion in our Build Journal: material, products, techniques, lessons learned, etc. IT'S ALL IN THERE! Our van is built from a Ford Transit, however most of our conversion process can be applied to a Mercedes Sprinter:

7- Crossnut Size for Sprinter Van

We don’t like drilling holes in our van, as it could attract rust on bare edges, spread metal chips all over (almost impossible to remove and they’re the perfect rust ignition point), interfere with the van’s electronics (see BEG)! To prevent drilling holes, we used Crossnut through our conversion. Most pre-drilled holes in the Sprinter Van cargo area accept 5/16″ diameter Crossnut (amzn.to/31vS654), but some holes also accept 1/4″ (amzn.to/2MuKjk3) and #10 (amzn.to/2P4Muwb) crossnut. Check out the following article for more info (benefits, installation, tips):

8- Sprinter Camper Van DIY Conversion Accessories

Sprinter NCV3 High/Low Roof Vent Adapter
Under Vehicle Battery Box (NCV3 Sprinter)
Door Prop (Sprinter/Transit) Review
Minicell Floor Insulation Packages (NCV3 Sprinter)
RB Components Sprinter Van Storage Shelf
Vancillary DIY Sprinter Van Headliner Shelf Kit
Sprinter T-Vent Passenger Sliding Door
RB Components Sprinter Van Wall Cabinet


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