Trash Cans for Camper Van and RV: Small and Space Saving Trash Cans Under 3 Gallons

Trash Cans for Camper Van and RV: Small and Space Saving Trash Cans Under 3 Gallons

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Preparing for Vanlife or RV Life can be overwhelming... there are so much details to think about! Here's one detail you might have overlooked: a trash can. Because no one wants to live with a loose garbage bag... It stinks, let garbage out, it's ugly and not sanitary. We highly recommend a pedal-operated trash can with lid to keep odors and loose garbage contained. Below is a selection of small, space-saving and neat trash cans perfect for campervan or RV! Hope that helps!

Good to Know


A rectangular shape is more space efficient, so our selection take that into account.

Pedal (Step-On)

A pedal (step-on) mechanism allows a hands-free operation. That’s convenient and sanitary!

Garbage Bags

Any “white” garbage bags will work with our selection of trash cans below, or you can use garbage bags specifically made for trash cans under 2.6 gallon:


Choose the largest trash can size that your campervan/RV layout allows, so you don’t have to empty it too often.

1.32 gallon


This is the size we personally have in our campervan. A trash can this small fits neatly in our sink/oven cabinet out of sight, but the downside is that it fills up with garbage pretty quickly….

2 gallon

Home Zone

This model has a “stay-open” mode, which is quite convenient when it’s time to change the garbage bag. Not a huge deal, but it sets itself apart from other trash cans of the same dimensions.

2.6 gallon


Nothing special to mention, except if this match with the dimensions you are looking for, it’s the best trash can ever!! 😉

2.6 gallon

SimpleHuman (Butterfly Lid)

We dig the butterfly lid on this trash can. In the RV and campervan world, it’s all about maximizing space and this is a step in the right direction! It’s a subtle detail that could make the difference between a fit/no-fit into a cabinet. 


Shopping for a trash can is not rocket science, but finding a small and space efficient trash can is a step in the good direction for a happy vanlife or RV life! See you on the road!


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