Wiring Diagram & Tutorial for Camper Van: Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster, etc. (PDF)


Wiring Diagram & Tutorial for Camper Van: Transit, Sprinter, ProMaster, etc. (PDF)

Wiring Diagram & Tutorial Bundle:

Customizable High-Resolution PDF (Printable) with built-in calculator
1- Wiring Diagram (PDF):
Customize each component to your needs (solar, alternator, shore, inverter, monitor) and the breakers/fuses will be sized automatically.
Wire gauge (AWG) is automatically calculated from selected components and custom wire lengths. No need to use an external calculator!
Customize 12V loads to your needs (image, name, fuse, wire length) and automatically calculate the wire gauge (AWG).
Automatically calculate the total wires length and the quantity of terminals to purchase.
The wiring diagram is part of our design workflow; it doesn't get any easier than this!
Electrical Design Workflow (Wiring Diagram)
Video Preview:
2- Tutorial (pdf):
Detailed breakdown on how to use our interactive wiring diagram and how to assemble all items together to build a functional electrical system.
More information about: grounding your system, breaker polarity, components terminal size, limitations, etc.

Choose between the "Standard" or "High-Power" wiring diagram:

Wiring Diagram | Standard:

Interactive Wiring Diagram (V4 REV C)
Key Feature:
Choose this diagram if:


$40.00 USD

This download includes two PDF (Standard Diagram & Tutorial)

  • V4 REV -A-: Initial Release.
  • V4 REV -B-: Wire sizing per ABYC + derating factors (was per ABYC as well, but no derating). See tutorial for calculation details. See our Wire Gauge Calculator for more info on derating factors. || Maxxfan fuse size is 10A (was 5A). || Other minor clarifications.
  • V4 REV -C-: 120 amps alternator charger option deleted (because it’s waterproof, manufacturer reported cooling issues with it. Deleting this option until issue is fixed.) || Main ground updated to 2/0 AWG (to conform to ABYC) || Inverter ground same as primary path, was 8AWG (to conform to ABYC).

Wiring Diagram | High-Power:

Interactive-Wiring-Diagram-High-Power (V1-REV-A) with Victron Multiplus
Key Feature:
Choose this diagram if:


$40.00 USD

This download includes two PDF (High-Power Diagram & Tutorial)

  • V1 REV -A-: Initial Release.
  • V1 REV -B-: In Terminal Calculator, 6 AWG #8 Lug replaced for 6 AWG #10 Lug.
  • V1 REV -C-: Bug fix in Wire Calculator (too much black wire length was added).

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The Builder's Package

Includes all our diagrams and tutorials!


$85.00 USD

This package includes:


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If you're new to this, start with our Electrical System Design Guide:
Electrical System Design Guide


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