3D CAD Model Campervan Interior Layout (Ford Transit)

Ford Transit Virtual Butter 3D Model

3D CAD Model Campervan Interior Layout (Ford Transit)

Campervan Interior Layout 3D CAD Model (Interactive)

This is a simple 3D CAD model that we used to validate our interior layout and optimize every cubic inch of the precious available space. Note that we didn’t use the Ford Transit 3D scan; this is a simplified model.

Campervan Interior Layout 3D CAD Model (Download)

3D CAD files interoperability is still a major issue in 2021. Each CAD software (Solidworks, Catia, Autocad, Sketchup, etc) uses its own native file format and a lot of information is lost when converting to a neutral format. Because of that, you will get .stp file width “dead” solids in it. This means:

  • You cannot modify the solids to customize them.
  • You can measure and use the solids as reference to create your own solids.
  • The download includes the interior layout only (per interactive model above), but does not include the van structure.
  • It’s not 100% accurate. Some adjustments were made (a few inches here and there) during the actual build that might not be reflected in the model.

Download Size

10mb (.zip)


File Type


(57mb unzipped)

Compatible Software

It is your responsibility to validate if this file is compatible with your CAD software




Interior Layout

Ford Transit 148" WB | High-Roof | Extended-Length
(Van structure not included)

Includes Ford Transit 3D scan?


(keep scrolling down)

$40.00 USD

Because of all the limitations stated above, we DO NOT offer refund on our 3D model. We did our part and provided all the necessary intels for you to make an informed decision. Thanks for your comprehension!

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  1. Amazing work you guys. I was looking for some 3D scans and this is a great write-up. I am wondering, how useful was the 3D scan for you overall? I have a lot of experience modeling, but wondering how you could utilize all of the curved surfaces on the 3D scan to accurately create things like wall panels. Do you have any insight? Also, where did you find the bike 3D models?



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