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Enclosure for Circuit Breaker (Blue Sea 285-Series Surface Mount)

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Enclosure for Blue Sea 285-Series circuit breaker. Neat and SAFE way to mount a breaker to any surface. Isolates the terminals and prevents accidental short circuits.

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Surface Mount

The enclosure can be mounted to any surface (vertical or horizontal) using two #6 flat head screws:

Enclosure for Circuit Breaker (Mount Holes 6 Screw)-2
Front (without cover)
Enclosure for Circuit Breaker (Mount Holes 6 Screw)-1


Simply remove the soft-rubber caps attached to the breaker, push the breaker into the enclosure (snap-fit), then install the cover (snap-fit). No hardware needed!

Enclosure for Circuit Breaker-3 (iso without cover)
Enclosure for Circuit Breaker (Iso with cover)


The enclosure can accept cable up to 2/0 AWG and the modular plugs can be relocated to accept different cable routing:

Enclosure for Circuit Breaker (Modular Plugs)
Enclosure for Circuit Breaker (Modular Plugs 2)


With the cover in place and heat shrink tubing (not included), the terminals are isolated from the surroundings thus preventing accidental short circuiting:

Enclosure for Circuit Breaker (Front View No Terminal Exposed)

Reset Button & lever

The breaker can be switched ON (“reset” yellow lever) or switched OFF (red button) without having to remove the cover:

Enclosure for Circuit Breaker (Front View Reset ON)


Compatible with:

  • Blue Sea 285 Circuit Breaker, Surface Mount (all current ratings 25A up to 150A) : See on Amazon.

* The rubber caps must be discarded before fitting into the enclosure ->

Blue Sea 285 Circuit Breaker (Surface Mount). See on Amazon.


  • Outside Dimensions: 96mm x 59mm x 26mm (3.8in x 2.3in x 1.0in).
  • Manufacturing: 3D Printed.
  • Material: Blend of Polycarbonate (50%), PETG (45%) & others (5%).
  • Temperature Resistance: Up to 110°C (230F), on par with marine wire insulation rating.
  • Included: Enclosure (base & cover) with 2 modular plugs (breaker not included).
Enclosure for Circuit Breaker (Dimensions Specifications)

Real World Application (FOrd Transit CCP2 Alternator Charging)

In our wiring diagram, there is a breaker between the DC-To-DC charger and the starter battery (see the red arrow below):


Per ABYC E-11 standards, breakers should be installed 7 inches from the charge source (measured along the wire). So we created an enclosure that allows us to install the breaker within that distance from the Ford Transit CCP2 (which is rated for 175A). Our electrical system is not done yet so there’s not wires in the photos below, but you get the idea 🙂

Breaker Enclosure Ford Transit Driver Seat B2B to Alternator-2
The breaker is installed on the Ford Transit driver seat pedestal, near the CCP2.
Breaker Enclosure Ford Transit Driver Seat Alternator to B2B
Enclosure with cover on.
Breaker Enclosure Ford Transit Driver Seat Alternator to B2B-2
Breaker enclosure overview.

Inspiration & Idea

Exposed components (shunt, battery terminals, breakers, etc.) in our campervan make us feel a bit uncomfortable due to the risk of short circuit. Here’s why…


Before installing the electrical system in our new van conversion, we are slowly working on designing and making enclosures and covers for the components we plan to use:


It’s still a work in progress at the time of writing these lines, but we’ll add more to our Store as we go… Here is what we have so far:


  • Ships From:  British Columbia, Canada.
  • Carrier: Canada Post / USPS.
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Do It Yourself.

We couldn’t find a way to safely mount surface circuit breakers in our van, so we made one.

This is an homemade product.

Each enclosure is individually 3D printed, takes about 2 hours to complete, and requires manual labor. This is not a mass-produced product. This is a crafted, hand-made product.

Low Volume.

We created this product for our own needs, to make just a few units. There is no way for us to ramp up the production and lower the price, unless we take it to injection molding manufacturing but that’s a whole another level we’re not considering at the moment.

Electrical System Design Guide

You’ll find everything you need to design your own van electrical system in this guide:

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Customer Images

Image #1 from Brock
Image #2 from Stephan
Image #1 from Brock
5 out of 5


Cover works perfectly.

Image #2 from Stephan
5 out of 5


You all out did yourself with the design and implementation of the circuit breaker enclosure. 1. Having relocatable cable lug port coverlets. (Now I wish BlueSea would do something similar for their m-Series battery disconnect switches rather than having to permanently break a tab off.) 2. Having the base ‘snap’ into the back of the circuit breaker (Pure elegance, the marketing department would call that a ‘surprise and delight’). 3. Tolerances, everything fit perfectly. 4. Having the front snap in rather than using a fastener, again pure elegance. Thank you for demonstrating that refined design can still be found.

Image #1 from Brock
Image #2 from Stephan
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  1. Got two , one for each of my transits CCP .Have not installed yet. Delivery was super prompt. Well packaged.Seems like it will work exactly as expected. Also nice to support a great contributor to the van world.

    • Thanks Edward, much appreciated! 🙂

  2. Thanks for making this cover! On Amazon, it looks like circuit breakers larger that 60A would need a larger cover? Do you make a larger size? Your website is fantastic, thank you so much!

  3. Great product. Innovative design.

  4. Nice and clever piece!

  5. Fast and exactly as described

  6. Nice work!

    • Thanks! 🙂

  7. Elegant solution to a serious potential hazard.

  8. Safety is important with electricity, and this enclosure fits the need.

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Enclosure for Circuit Breaker (Blue Sea 285-Series Surface Mount)
Enclosure for Circuit Breaker (Blue Sea 285-Series Surface Mount)