Camper Van Floor Plan & Interior Layout


Camper Van Floor Plan & Interior Layout

Below are the Floor Plan and Interior Layout of our Ford Transit High Roof, 148" Wheelbase Extended Length, DIY Camper Van. These 2D plans contain most of the dimensions of the inside layout and are to scale. The inside of a van is far from being square, so keep in mind that the dimensions might vary depending on where they're taken (e.g. at floor level VS ceiling level).

The intent of these plans is to provide the general interior layout of our van; for more detailed information about individual components, refer to our Build Journal:

High Resolution (printable) Camper Van Floor Plan & Interior Layout pdf:

Side View | Driver Layout
FarOutRide Camper Van Floor Plan and Interior Layout PDF (V1, rev A, page 1) (600px)
Side View | Passenger Layout
FarOutRide Camper Van Floor Plan and Interior Layout PDF (V1, rev A, page 2) (600px)
Top View | Floor Plan
FarOutRide Camper Van Floor Plan and Interior Layout PDF (V1, rev A, page 3) (600px)
Rear & Front View | Garage & Kitchen
FarOutRide Camper Van Floor Plan and Interior Layout PDF (V1, rev A, page 4) (600px)


The pdf download includes all the views shown above. Printable on 8.5" x 11" (letter) sheet.

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The Builder's Package

Includes all our diagrams and tutorials!



This package includes:

  • Wiring Diagram & Tutorial
  • Water Diagram & Tutorial
  • Propane Diagram
  • Floor Plan


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  1. Hi
    Well done, good luck, stay safe.
    I am in the uk, i am just about to start a conversion on a 2013 4×4 long wheelbase high roof transit.i was looking about, as you do and came accross your page. Am i able to purchase plans etc or would it be a bit pointless because i am in Scotland.


  2. enjoy the information. I do have a question in reference to the screens over the doors. Did you buy these or make them?

  3. Antoine and Isabelle are you still living the dream?
    I’m embarking on the conversion path and your wiring diagrams are outstanding. I’m an engineer as well so the design and implementation is not the hard part. Where to start and accounting for dependancies are a bit daunting.
    Thanks for your time in making this so sharable that other can enjoy some of the same freedom you are!


  4. Thank you so much for your wealth of knowledge. I got my Ford Transit this weekend from a guy who has started the conversion process following your website! I’m excited to finish it with my own flare.

    One quick question that I haven’t been able to find an answer to anywhere yet.. what did you end up doing with the factory wiring harness/bundle that goes along the driver’s side from the front to the back? I’ve noticed it hanging around in some of your progress pictures, but haven’t found any explanation for where it went yet.

    Thanks so much!

    • It’s simply hidden behind our cabinets and stuff; we didn’t re-locate it or spliced it…

      In the very back of the van, it’s hidden above the ceiling. In the bedroom area (along the driver-side wall), it’s behind the storage cubes. Along the overhead storage (kitchen), it’s hidden in a “hollow frame” we made (you should see this in our van tour:


  5. I just wanted to say thanks for all of this information. It really is amazing. At 69 I’m going to build my transit van to my spec’s using your guidelines. I love the information you provide. My wife and I owned a Leisure Travel Serenity motorhome and it was a nightmare! The best in class motorhome was best in being in the shop! Brand new on top of everything. It taught my wife and I a valuable and expensive lesson . We do not like RV parks and like to be off grid. So a motorhome was a bad choice. A transit make sense. I’m a photographer using huge film cameras and based on your design basics I can make a van that works for us. Also I’m an accomplished woodworker so that part i have down. Should have done this in the first place. Thanks again


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