Ford Transit WeatherTech Mud Flaps – Review


Ford Transit WeatherTech Mud Flaps – Review

Mud Flaps protect the fenders and exterior of the van from rocks, mud, road grime and other debris. And, we must admit, they make the van looks better too! We wished our Ford Transit came with them from factory, but it’s not the case. We went on a mission to find the best mud flaps for our Ford Transit and we finally got the WeatherTech Mud Flaps for front (#110051) and rear (#120051).


WeatherTech Mud Flap Ford Transit Reviews

WeatherTech Mud Flap Ford Transit Front
WeatherTech Mud Flap Ford Transit Rear
Mud Flap Front
Mud Flap Rear


What we Like

  • We dig the look!
  • They’re easy to install; no drilling required.
  • The time it takes to install them is approximately one beer.
  • They come with very detailed and comprehensive instructions (with pictures).


What we Don’t Like …

  • We wish the front mud flaps were a bit longer for extra protection.
  • Don’t expect a miracle from mud flaps; the plastic trim under the van still gets muddy, but just a little further back than it used to.


Models & Where to Buy

Ford Transit 2015+ Front Mud Flaps:

Ford Transit WeatherTech Front Mud Flaps
Ford Transit WeatherTech Front Mud Flaps 110051. Buy on Amazon.

Ford Transit 2015+ Rear Mud Flaps:

Ford Transit WeatherTech Rear Mud Flaps
Ford Transit WeatherTech Rear Mud Flaps 120051. Buy on Amazon.



We normally like to add our own instructions, but here the manufacturer instructions are VERY comprehensive. It makes our job easier, nice 🙂 So here are the manufacturer instructions:


Maintenance and Care

Nothing to see here!



WeatherTech Website:



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  1. re Weathertech Mudflaps (or any others)

    Take note: if you ordered the wheel well inserts from Ford, they only refer to the front wheel wells – they don’t provide anything for the rear wheel wells. So, when I ordered the Weathertech mudflaps, the back ones were no problem. The front ones: not so. I haven’t had time to get back to figuring out what to do for those. Could remove the wheel well inserts, but not sure I want to do that…

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