Mexico Vanlife Guide: Planning (Paperwork, Border, etc.) & Trip Report


Mexico Vanlife Guide: Planning (Paperwork, Border, etc.) & Trip Report

Your guide to VANLIFE in Mexico: Paperwork, border crossing, safety tips, insurance, camping, water, cost, tales from the road. Hope that helps!

Driving a campervan at the trailhead is a bit like driving a Lamborghini at the nightclub: you’ll get a lot of attention. How frequently do we have to show the van? Oh it’s not that bad you know, just enough to have a custom “VAN TOUR” hat made for it. Either way it’s great to … Read more

Creating your own website is a great way to keep your brain busy on the road, connect with other people and even make money remotely! We’re no Internet gurus or experts, but if we made it happen with, so can you! Here is everything to get started.

Money is meant to be spent on bike parts, not on campground! After two years of full time vanlife, we still haven’t spent a dime on lodging. Here is how we do it!

Dreaming about Van Life? We were too! After making the transition from home owners to living full time in a van (2 years and still loving it), we highly recommend to rent a camper van before taking the leap. Here are 5 reasons why.

When living in a van, the key to sanity is organization! In this article, we share 10 storage ideas for DIY van conversion. We hope that helps!

Parlons d’assurance voyage médicale! Québécois et Canadiens voyageant à l’étranger, ça vous concerne: durée maximale du voyage, exceptions, sports dangereux, paperasse, etc.