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Propane Build Guide for DIY Van Conversion

Propane System Build Guide for DIY Van Conversion. Theory, products, does and don’ts… we got you covered, just follow our lead. Now it’s your turn to shine!

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Final Sprint Before Full Time Vanlife

Here we are… in a month, our house will not be ours anymore. This means the van & the downsizing MUST BE COMPLETED BY AUGUST 15TH 2017. No excuses, no procrastination! While we worked our asses off the last year to make progress on the van conversion & on the downsizing, we could easily re-plan […]

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Fridge Floor Vent

A fridge is a a heat pump machine. It extracts heat from the inside and dissipates it to the outside (behind the fridge); this heat must be vented out! For this purpose, we added a floor vent. All the details inside!

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Composting Toilet Installation

We plan on living full time for a year or two in the van. For a minimum of comfort (and convenience), we really wanted a toilet and after reading about composting toilets, it seamed like the perfect solution for us!
It’s honestly really easy to install and manage; there is no odor (that’s right!) and no black water to deal with. Sweeeeet!

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Foam Blobs Makeover

This is how we transformed the foam blobs of our Ford Transit van conversion. Fully illustrated for your viewing pleasure!

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Recessed Ceiling LED Lights for Van Conversion

This is a are real-world, unbiased reviews of the Acegoo Recessed 12V LED lights. We’re not sponsored and we paid the product in full.

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EZ Cool Installation

This is the EZ Cool installation in our Ford Transit campervan conversion. Materials, tools, cost, etc. Fully illustrated for your viewing pleasure!

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Water System Guide for DIY Camper Van Conversion

Having running water and hot shower draw the line between “van camping” and “home on wheels”. Here is our guide on water system for camper van conversion!

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Driver Swivel Seat Installation

Here is how we installed a swivel seat adapter to the driver-side of our Ford Transit campervan conversion. Fully detailed and illustrated!

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Sink & Stove Cabinet

Here is how we built our sink & stove cabinet for our Ford Transit DIY camper van conversion! A while ago, we brainstormed about our living requirements; below are the requirements specific to this cabinet: Propane range (stove/oven) will be used Pressurized Sink The cabinet must be easy & quick to remove (we never know) […]

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