Victron Multiplus Inverter/Charger 2000W & 3000W: Features, Installation & Configuration


Victron Multiplus Inverter/Charger 2000W & 3000W: Features, Installation & Configuration

Victron Multiplus Inverter/Charger 2000W & 3000W: Features, Installation and Configuration for Camper Van and RV.

Last step of our quest for the perfect sound: adding Rockford Fosgate speakers to the headliner of our the Ford Transit… success! Follow the guide!

The Garmin Dash Cam Mini is compact, there’s no distracting screen, it has parking mode (optional) and is controlled via an App (review footage and settings). In this article we fully documented the installation of the Garmin Dash Cam Mini in our Ford Transit. Hope that helps!

The Ford Keyless Entry Keypad allows to unlock a vehicle without using the keys. It’s possible to order the Keyless Entry Keypad with a new vehicle, or to add one (or up to 8) later. After using the keypad on our Ford Transit for two years, we’re adding a second one on the passenger-side for more convenience. Here is how to install and program it!

Driving a campervan at the trailhead is a bit like driving a Lamborghini at the nightclub: you’ll get a lot of attention. How frequently do we have to show the van? Oh it’s not that bad you know, just enough to have a custom “VAN TOUR” hat made for it. Either way it’s great to … Read more

The Simarine Pico can monitor multiple battery banks, current of multiple consumers, tanks, temperatures, inclinometer and barometer. It’s an cutting edge product with an impressive smartphone-like, high-quality feel. It’s definitely a sweeeeeet upgrade for your van conversion. Here is everything to know about the Simarine Pico System Monitor!‚Äč

Installation and review of the Park Tool bike repair stand in our van. Serious riding means serious bike maintenance!

Couple of engineers build their van for full-time vanlife and take over the insulation debate: check out their recommendations and real-life observations!

Need help figuring how to register and insure you DIY campervan conversion in British Columbia? Moving to British Columbia? We’ve been there! Here is what we learned in the process.

Adding aftermarket window(s) to a Transit, Sprinter or ProMaster van conversion has many benefits and is totally doable by the average DIYer. Let’s see how!