Fridge & Electrical Cabinet


Fridge & Electrical Cabinet

The driver’s side kitchen cabinet of our Ford Transit DIY camper van conversion is the home of our 12V Novakook R5810 fridge and home of our electrical system. When we initially brainstorm about the van interior layout, we knew we wanted plenty of countertop surface a large refrigerator ( multiple drawers for kitchen items rustic look. … Read more

Mountain bikes belong inside the van! Slide-out-bike-rack storage solution for DIY van conversion: material, products, how-to, step-by-step…

Our Ford Transit DIY camper van conversion is build mostly around the mountain bikes and the platform bed is no exception. We wanted a permanent raised bed above the “garage” (over the bikes and other stuff); no need to fold/unfold the bed at night & it creates a lot of storage room under the bed. … Read more

Cross nut blind fasteners: how to avoid drilling holes in your van conversion!. Benefits / DIY Installation / Choose the correct type and size / Tips.

Here is our guide on Camper Van Conversion Insulation. 3M Thinsulate is easy to work with, repels water, is light weight… no wonder everyone is using it!

This is how we installed our Webasto Air Top 2000 STC (gasoline) air heater in our Ford Transit camper van conversion. All the details inside!

Here is how we installed the floor in our camper van conversion. Step-by-step instructions, products we used and fully illustrated!

The Fiamma F45S awning is to be installed on the side of the camper van conversion; the Fiamma F65S awning is to be installed on the roof of the campervan. We opted for the F45S because we had the solar panels on the roof and because we liked the awning to be on the side of the van. We could not find any … Read more

Here is how we installed a swivel seat adapter to the passenger-side of our Ford Transit camper van conversion. Fully detailed and illustrated!

Extracting power from the sun feels a bit like cheating to us 🙂 Here is how we installed our solar panels on our camper van conversion!