Winter Vanlife

Living in a van full time during winter is more challenging than during summer. It’s not a glamorous life but it is extremely rewarding if, like us, chasing epic skiing / snowboarding conditions is what you’re after! With proper planning it can be a magical thing… Go get it!

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Seventh Month on the Road: Tales from the Road

Seventh month on the road! This month we’re still enjoying the snow in Red, Kootenay Pass and Whitewater, but there is a twist… Thanks for reading!

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Prevent a Leaking Roof

Here’s the situation: there are a bunch of threaded holes on top of the Transit roof and, over time, the paint covering these threaded holes might crack resulting in leaking roof. Don’t panic! There is a quick and easy fix. Keep reading for more…

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Sixth Month on the Road: Lessons Learned, Van Report, Tales from the Road

Sixth month on the road! This month we travel across Washington state, Montana and we’re back to the metric system in beautiful British Columbia. We hope you like cold and snow! Thanks for reading!

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