Transit Empty Weight

That’s specific to the High-Roof, Extended-Length cargo van.


Conversion Added Weight

THAT’S THE ADDED WEIGHT FROM THE CONVERSION. Includes everything from our Build Journal: all permanent structure and all permanent appliances (fridge, range, etc). Excludes humans. Empty fresh water tank & fuel tank.


Payload Weight

THAT’S THE PAYLOAD when hitting the road at Day 1 of The Ride. Excludes the conversion added weight. Includes all humans (2), full fresh water tank, full gas tank, summer & winter gear, food (a lot), etc, etc


Faroutvan Total Weight

THAT’S THE VAN, THE CONVERSION & THE PAYLOAD. As weighted when hitting the road at Day 1 of The Ride. Includes all humans, full fresh water tank, full gas tank, summer & winter gear, food, etc, etc


On Second Thought

Conversion Added Weight + Payload Weight = 3500 lbs. That’s the max payload capacity of our Transit (Extended Length, High Roof, T250, 3.7L Engine)! We didn’t expect to be carrying that much; we will re-weight the van after a while because we left with much stuff than needed (food and misc) when emptying the house.

For sure, we’re glad we installed the Air Lift Suspension a few weeks ago:

AirLift-Video-Image Fallback


  1. Comment by Wes Greenwood

    Wes Greenwood Reply August 17, 2017 at 9:48 am

    How’s the 3.7l engine doing at almost max weight?

    It was something I was curious about when looking at vans.

    • Comment by Antoine

      Antoine Reply August 17, 2017 at 10:36 am

      The route to Platsburg was pretty flat, so the engine was just fine hehe!
      Future will tell…

  2. Comment by Aaron Traxinger

    Aaron Traxinger Reply August 18, 2017 at 10:40 am

    I am not planning on the full range/stove (just a simple 2 burner top) and our batteries should be lighter but you have be wondering if I should save up an additional $1200 to bump the payload up to 4120 from the 3620 on the Ecoboost. Also which rear axle did you get? I am a Tacoma guy and love to get lost in there forums. When ever guys up there tire size they tend to re-gear to a bigger ratio to overcome some power loss. I plan to just stick with the 3.31 for the sake of mpgs but thought I would ask. Its not like I am putting 33 inch tires on it 🙂

    • Comment by Antoine

      Antoine Reply August 18, 2017 at 4:11 pm

      We have the 4.10; that was our only choice with the 3.7 engine and High-Roof Extended Length van.

      We can definitely feel the weight while driving (acceleration, stop, curves) but it’s very manageable.

      P.S. Just dropped you an email


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