Final Sprint Before Full Time Vanlife

July 8, 2017

Here we are… in a month, our house will not be ours anymore. This means the van & the downsizing MUST BE COMPLETED BY AUGUST 15TH 2017. No excuses, no procrastination!

While we worked our asses off the last year to make progress on the van conversion & on the downsizing, we could easily re-plan and finish work later. This ain’t true anymore. We need a plan and we need to stick to it. We really want all of this finished by August 15th, so we can fully enjoy our new life afterward.


Here is the plan. We will keep it updated as we progress:







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Hello! We’re Isabelle and Antoine, a couple dreaming of being on the move and we’re seeking for the ride of our life. We bought a Ford Transit van, converted it to a campervan, sold our house, quit our jobs and hit the road full-time to make our dream a reality. We are sharing this in hope of inspiring and helping others to follow their dreams too!

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