Yay! We finally completed our Ford Transit DIY campervan conversion (faroutride.com/build-journal) and it feels AWESOME! Well, it’s not exactly completed… an empty van is not a home! We love searching for the latest and greatest gear so here is a collection of our must-have campervan accessories. We’ve been on the road full time since August 2017, so we tested all of the campervan gear below (we won’t mention stuff we’re not excited about).




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Food Storage Containers

They’re collapsible and save a lot of space (YES!), air-tight, BPA free, microwave and freezer safe. Enough said!

Buy from Amazon



Corelle Dinnerware Set

We went for Corelle because we didn’t want plastic dishes; it’s made of Vitrelle, a three-layers tempered glass. It’s light, it will last and it’s break-resistant (but not unbreakable!).

Buy from AmazonCorelle Shadows Dinnerware


Fruit and Veggie Hammock

This is an item we added later after being on the road… it frees up some countertop space! Be aware that it will swing a lot when off-roading, so install it far from the wall if possible!

Buy from Amazon

Fruit Hammock


Bamboo Folding Table with Aluminum Legs

This is the perfect space saver! It can be neatly stored along the fridge cabinet, then unfolded to be used inside OR outside the van. The Bamboo Top + Aluminum Legs construction makes it sturdy yet light. Neat.

Buy from Amazon


The table fits neatly between the cabinet and the couch



2 Positions Telescoping Legs


Bamboo Folding Table Desert

Eating Out


Weber Smokey Joe 14 inches Portable Charcoal BBQ

We went charcoal and never went back! We had a fancy Cuisinart Propane BBQ at home and we stopped using it once we got the Weber; it’s THAT great!

Buy from Amazon

*pic is coming!


Make sure to get the compact chimney too. It lights the charcoal in 10 minutes, it really works!

Buy from Amazon

*pic is coming!


We also got the Weber storage bag so ashes don’t get all over the van (and it helps contain the smell too). The BBQ fits neatly in it!

Buy from Amazon

*pic is coming!


Finally, we use these firelighters to light the charcoal instead of using newspaper; we save about 3-4 minutes starting time and it’s less hassle. These firelighters are 100% wood (no chemical crap in them, no funny smells). Only 1 unit will get you started!

Buy from Amazon

*pic is coming!



Not much to say here… oh yeah, it has a thermometer on top! It’s convenient to get the right water temperature for washing dishes and parts of our anatomy.

Buy from Amazon

Gator Kettle


Manual Espresso Maker

We LOVE our coffee setup! It makes the perfect Latte or Cappuccino, no need to spend 6$ at Starbucks… you can read our full review here: faroutride.com/coffee/

ROK Presso Manual Espresso Maker - Review

ROK Manual Espresso Maker. Buy from Amazon.

ROK Presso Animated

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s an espresso maker.



Also get the Porlex JP-30 Manual Grinder for maximum extraction flavors!

Porlex Coffee Manual Grinder

Porlex JP-30 Manual Coffee Grinder. Buy from Amazon.


And the Nespresso Aeroccino Milk Frother, just press the button and enjoy hot milk & foam! It’s 120V but it’s rated at less than 500W:

Nespresso Aeroccino 3 Black

Nespresso Aeroccino Milk Frother. Buy from Amazon.




Velcro Storage net

Love these! They hold (very strong) to the back of the driver & passenger seats. We also purchased some self-adhesive Velcro (amzn.to/2yLVH43) so we can stick them anywhere.

Buy from Amazon

*pic is coming!


Quick Fist Clamps

We bought the 8 pieces kit and we’re using them everywhere! They’re perfect to hold heavier stuff without rattle sound, yes!

Buy from Amazon


Rear Cargo Net

We use it to secure our off-season gear together:

Buy from Amazon

Snowboard and winter boots won’t go anywhere!


Velcro Straps

There are a THOUSAND uses for these! Here are some examples:

Buy from Amazon

Velcro Straps


Hold the bike wheels

Hold the curtain


USB Cables Organizer

We didn’t see that coming. There are so many cables everywhere, finding the right cable got irritating: Phones, Camera, GoPro, Drone, Kindle E-Reader, etc, etc! We needed a neat cable organizer, here it is (it’s still on order, coming soon to our van!)

Buy from Amazon USB cable organizer




Kindle Voyage E-Reader

Like it or not, we have a LOT of time on our hand since we moved full-time in the van. Thousands of books can be stored in this neat little thing! The screen is not like a smartphone or a laptop; it’s a different technology which is very easy on the eyes and it’s basically like reading a book. Battery will last for weeks too, sweet!

Buy from Amazon

Not much bigger than our Google Pixel XL Smartphone

Kindle Cover

The protective cover folds neatly to keep it up

Amazon Kindle Voyage E-Reader


USB Car Charger (Type-A and Type-C)

We installed 12V sockets all over the van because there are so many standards (USB Type-A, USB Type-C, etc, etc) and they are likely to evolve with time. So we have a few of those to charge our SmartPhone (since our phones charge much faster with Type C USB Cords), the camera, the Kindle E-Reader, etc, etc.

Buy from Amazon

Tronsmart USB Car Charger




Tri-Lynx Levelers

We spent countless hours designing a van that would be comfortable to live in, built it, then parked it. We got dizzy and couldn’t sleep well because the ground is almost never level our there! We got the leveling blocks and are using them almost every day. A must-have! (we have the Air-Lift Suspension to fine-tune by small increments, but the block are still essential)

(hint: good luck finding rocks or wood in the desert to get you leveled…)

Buy from Amazon

Tri-Lynx Block Levelers 10 pack



12.5ft Telescoping Ladder

Those solar panels need to be cleaned every month or so during summer and every time it snows in winter to give their normal output! The telescoping ladder gets us up there.

Buy from Amazon


Telescoping Ladder Amazon

Telescoping Ladder Clean Solar Panels

Cleaning the solar panels 2



The telescoping ladder is stored here


Collapsible Silicone Bucket 2.6 Gallons (10 Liters)

We don’t need that bucket. Until sh*t happens. And because we’re just humans, sh*t happens. We spill beer, stain our clothes with chain lube, forget to dry our mountain bike gloves after a sweaty ride, etc. We need that bucket, unfortunately.

Buy from Amazon



Portable Clothesline

We like it because we can install clothe hangers and they will not slide toward the center of the clothesline!

Buy from Amazon

Portable Clothesline Amazon

*picture is coming!


Neoprene Rubber Self Adhesive Strip

We initially bought that to seal the lid of our Propane Tank Locker. Turns out neoprene has crazy anti-slip properties! We use it to prevent stuff from falling off the shelves, off the cupboard and to prevent squeaks/clunking of objects.

Buy from Amazon


Propane Tank Locker Lid


The seal helps (but does not completely prevent) things from falling off when we open the cabinet door after a bumpy ride


Insulated Slippers

We went all-in for our floor insulation, but the floor remains the coldest area in the van. These slippers are insulated and super comfy! We say that the first thing we do in the morning is coffee; in fact, the very first think we do is jump into our slippers! (note: we actually have the MEC slippers, the equivalent of REI in Canada, and these slippers are very similar to ours)

Buy from Amazon

Baffin Slippers






Check out our Build Journal, learn everything about The Van, join us for The Ride, or if you’re new to this start by reading The Prologue.




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